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Premium fence panels

Our premium timber fence panels come with a 25 year guarantee against rot and insect attack. Using our unique Jakcure® pressure treatment process means the longevity and quality of our fence panels is unrivalled. We have a full range of different styles of fence panels so you can be sure you’ll find a fence to suit.

Creating areas of visual interest in your outdoor space, providing relief from the wind, maintaining privacy while still letting in sunlight or simply adding a bit of style - transforming your garden couldn't be easier with Jacksons Fencing.

Classic designs like Palisade, Featherboard, Jaktop with its criss-cross design or tongue and groove fence panels are customer favourites and come in multiple variations and finishings.

More contemporary fence panel designs like the Venetian, Chilham double sided, woven or interwoven fence panels offer an updated take on fencing, with the finish looking good from both sides to please you and your neighbours.

You can learn more about all our fence panel designs below, compare different panels or try our Fence Calculator to start planning your next project.

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Horizontal fencing
Horizontal Tongue And Groove Fence Panels

Identical to Tongue and Groove Effect fence panels but the boards run in a horizontal direction to give a alternative contemporary look and feel. From £73.85

feather edge fencing
Flat Top Featherboard Fence Panels

Built to last from quality sawn timber boards, our standard level top Featherboard/ Feather Edge is our most popular style of fence panel. From £28.90

Venetian Hit And Miss Fence Panels

The hit and miss version of our contemporary Venetian panels to complement any concept. The perfect modern option with increased privacy. From £75.60

solar fence panel
Jaksun® Solar Fence Panel

Our innovative, first of its kind Jaksun® Solar Fence Panel revolutionises the capabilities of a garden fence. From £270.92

Venetian fencing situated in a garden
Venetian Fence Panels

Our attractive Venetian style fence panel with a unique horizontal slatted design for a lighter garden and a contemporary style. From £60.10

Tongue and Groove effect fence panels with trellis
Flat Top Tongue And Groove Fence Panels

These luxury flat top Tongue and Groove Effect panels are a mainstay of our premium range and alternatively available with a level or convex top. From £73.85

Hit and miss style fence
Horizontal Hit And Miss Fence Panels

Our horizontal Hit and Miss fence panels offer a distinctive, continental and stylish design alongside greatly improved wind resistance. From £63.95

Contemporary fence panel
Chilham Double Sided Fence Panels

A unique design that is good on both sides of the fence while also being sturdy and robust. Ideal in traditional or contemporary environments. From £91.30

canterbury combi fence panels
Canterbury Combi Slatted Fence Panels

A hybrid of our horizontal Tongue and Groove Effect and Venetian fence panels. A robust combination of privacy and elegance. From £136.35

contemporary fence panels used by garden designer
Urban Fence Panels

Urban® is a contemporary panel combining wide and narrow timber pales. The panel can be rotated to have vertical or horizontal lines. From £134.40

Woven Fence Panels

Woven fence panel is a traditional style panel made up of interwoven timber slats. Featured on Love Your Garden. From £65.70

Louvre fence panels
Louvre Contemporary Fence Panels

Originally designed for urban gardens, our Louvre fence panels are a slatted fence with planed angled slats to create a dappled light effect. From £101.45

Palisade Rounded Pales Fence Panels

A traditional picket Palisade garden fence panel with rounded top pales often seen in front gardens. Ideal for family life and pets. From £36.90

cross fence panel
Jaktop Criss Cross Fence Panels

Traditional Jaktop fence panels grace many a front garden offering a decorative alternative with their crossed half round timber pales. From £38.45

Flower bed and Hit and Miss vertical Fencing
Vertical Hit And Miss Fence Panels

Our vertical Hit and Miss fence panels offer a distinctive, continental and stylish design running in an alternative pattern. From £63.95

timber fencing
Shadowline Fence Panels

Heavy duty fence panel with a dynamic shadow gap created from strong z shaped boards. Panels are stacked to produced heights. From £73.40

Mitre Fence panels
Mitre Topped Wooden Palisade Fence Panels

Inspired by our traditional Palisade fence panels, the Mitre panel features unique pales with an elongated curved top. From £48.25

Pointed Timber Palisade Picket Fence
Pointed Palisade Pales Fence Panels

A traditional picket Palisade garden fence panel with pointed top pales often seen in front gardens. Ideal for family life and pets. From £37.00

Featherboard convex with fence post
Featherboard Convex Fence Panels

Built to last from quality sawn timber boards, our convex top Featherboard/ Feather Edge is one of our most popular styles of fence panel. From £46.90

Curved tongue and groove fence panel 1
Convex Tongue And Groove Panels

These luxury convex Tongue and Groove Effect panels are a mainstay of our premium range and available with a convex or level top. From £143.50

contemporary metro slatted fence panels
Metro Fence Panels

A contemporary continuous slatted panel with hidden posts, Metro offers the sleek Venetian style panel but without a framed appearance. From £37.91

Aran Fence Panels
Interwoven Aran Fence Panels

Aran fence panel is another of our good both sides premium panels originating from our Woven design. From £97.65

metal fence panels
Railing Fence Panel Toppers

Our metal railing toppers are designed to sit on fence panels whilst adding a touch of elegance and security. From £139.90

Concave Featherboard
Featherboard Concave Fence Panels

Built to last from quality sawn timber boards our concave top Featherboard/ Feather Edge offer an alternative style to level top. From £46.90

6ft Fence Panels

Our 6ft fence panel range

TnG Fence Panel side frame
Fence Panel Components

Fence panel components used when reducing the width of a framed fence panel to provide a high quality finish.

Top Selling Products in Fencing Panels

Buying multiple products?
Just update the quantities of each item you wish to buy and click 'Add all to basket'
Buying multiple products?
Just update the quantities of each item you wish to buy and click 'Add all to basket'

Common Panel Questions

What is the most popular type of fence panel?

Timber fence panels are the most popular type of garden fencing option. Traditional styles like Featherboard are commonplace amongst gardens across the UK but as homes have become more contemporary over the last decade, modern, semi-solid, decorative panels have become more popular, like Venetian Hit and Miss.

Sustainability has become a more important topic in recent years and products with a longer lifespan are now opted for rather than products that may only last five years or so. In the long run, this saves money by reducing frequent repairs and replacements, but also reduces the amount of treated fencing that ends up in landfill which is better for the environment.

What are the different styles of fence panel?

There are semi-solid and solid styles of fence panels. Solid fence panels offer the most privacy whereas semi-solid allow more light into the garden but can still give reasonable privacy, and are also more resistant to strong winds as they allow wind to pass through the fence.

Open panels are also an option, these are used for providing demarcation or segmenting part of a garden where privacy is not required. Examples are picket fence panels at the front of a cottage or trellis panels in a rear garden. Additionally, fence panels are often categorised into ‘modern/contemporary’, or timeless/traditional.

What sizes are fence panels?

The standard width of our fence panels is 1.83m (6ft).

Different heights are available but 1.83m (6ft) or 1.65m (5.41ft) are our most popular heights of fence panel.  We recommend gravel boards (140mm) with our panels, so this brings the overall height of the fence to either 1.97m or 1.79m. Other heights are available to suit different requirements. Fence panels can be cut to size (widthways) for a specific or awkward gap, or to finish a fence run, using a cut down kit on site.

Do our fence panels work with others concrete and metal posts?

We would recommend either our timber Jakposts® or metal Mi-T® posts that are both guaranteed for 25 years, but if you do have existing concrete posts that you do not want to replace, then our panels can work with these posts.

Make sure the existing concrete posts have slots/rebates which allow for panels up to a thickness of 54mm. Most of our framed panels are a thickness of 51mm but the width dimensions of components may increase by 6% when first delivered as our treatment process can temporarily cause the product to swell.

Are fence panels a fire risk?

When exposed to fire, timber will burn. There are risks when timber fencing is exposed to nearby bonfires or sources of ignition as flames could spread to the panels. The risks are far less than composite fencing, which is predominantly made from plastic and wood fibres. Composite fencing has been observed to catch alight and spread far more rapidly than timber fencing, producing much taller flames and more heat. Thick, acrid smoke is produced which causes significantly more damage and risk to life.

Fire and rescue services and the Government's Defence Infrastructure Organisation have published fire safety advice for those who intend to choose composite fencing or decking. Here is one from Lancashire Fire and Rescue.

Solid Fence Panel Range

Semi-Solid Fence Panel Range

Installing our Fence Panels

We have an Approved Installer network available to assist with the installation of our fence panels in your local area. The following videos provide detailed demonstrations on how to install our fence panels and posts.

Installing a Fence Panel


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