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Choosing the right garden fence, fence panels, posts or gates can be a daunting prospect, particularly if you’ve never done it before.

Understanding what helps to make a good quality fencing system vs a poor quality look-alike product helps give context before you make a decision.

Tried & Tested Fence Panel Advice from Experts

With over 70-years experience in the industry we are able to guide you through why and how choosing the best quality materials matters, not just how important the quality of timber is, but the importance in the quality of the fixings from nails to screws so they don’t break or rust in the fence.

Common questions for us include; what is the difference between timber which has been kiln dried vs pressure treated, what kind of fixings have been used to assemble the fencing - are they rust proof, even down to the detail; thickness of the fence pales to rails that allow the water to run off. All of which affects the overall strength and quality of the fencing.

Most importantly we can flag how important it is to buy guaranteed fencing. It’s not only about how the long lifetime value affects your pocket, but how it affects the environment.

Don’t worry help is at hand; with our dedicated pages which provide more information about the different fencing types and styles available in the market through to discussing the different heights and widths of fencing and why this matters.

Technical Advice & help

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What are the different types and style of fencing

Understanding fence panel heights and widths better can help people avoid common mistakes. Experience has shown us there is some confusion between the older imperial measurements and the official new metrics. We will explore this further.

Better understanding fencing heights and widths

Choosing a fence type then style can be a difficult process which is why we have chosen; 3 main categories and created this short handy advice guide to highlight some of the considerations you should think about before buying any fence.

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