Gate Automation

We can automate any of the types of gate we produce, which are all featured in this section of our website, from the purely functional to the proudly ornamental. Please talk to us about our Gate Automation prior to gate purchase.

Automatic Gates mean increased security and convenience

The many advantages of automated gates are now widely recognised by residential users. They bring security against intruders, all-weather ease of operation and prestige.

Tried and tested over many years

Jacksons’ years of experience in every aspect of security makes us the obvious people to turn to for the design, supply and installation of the most advanced entry systems.

We regularly install systems for local authorities and police forces as well as in domestic and commercial premises.

Safety and the law

All machines placed on the market in the European Union have a legal requirement to comply with the EU Machinery Directive is 2006-42-EC.

In the UK this European law is implemented by The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008. This regulation requires all machines to meet a set of “essential health and safety requirements” and to be CE marked as proof of compliance.

In this context, all automated gates are classified as machines under these regulations and manufacturers, suppliers, installers and users of automated gates within the EU must ensure they comply with legislation.

Domestic Gate Automation

More on domestic gate automation

Commercial Gate Automation


When specifying new automated gates and barriers or the retro-fitting of automation to manual products, it should be noted that both the gate and its automation should be viewed holistically and that in combination, as a machine, they must comply with the legislation.

Jacksons Fencing operates a continuous product development programme to ensure the latest improvements to safety are incorporated into our products at the earliest opportunity and full compliance with prevailing legislation.

Failure to exercise a duty of care in the specification, design, installation or operation of compliant automated gates may expose the specifier, client and site operator open to litigation in the event of an accident involving injury or damage to property.

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