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Riding Arenas

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Normal Size

Approximately 40m x 20m inside retaining boards

Riding Arena General Description

With all riding arenas the surface is most important, but a good surface will be ruined if the preparation is not correct. All riding arenas should be constructed ensuring there is good drainage, typically this will be done with a layer of clean stone on top of a subsoil base.

Depending on the site, drainage may also be included and then a layer of protective membrane, followed by the topping. The topping will normally be rubber and sand, or sand and waxed fibre.

The fencing and gates around the riding arena will be 1.4m out of the ground, with a top rail flush with the top of the posts, with a further two rails evenly spaced below, and finally a kick or retaining board at ground level. In exposed or windy sites we have the option of featherboard panels that offer a solid barrier to help avoid the riding arena surface blowing away.

A gate typically 3.6m wide should be installed in the fence line with a horse safe latch that allows the gate to open both ways.

Soil Preparation

All top soil and vegetation removed from the riding area to an immediately adjacent area. Site then levelled.

Base Layer

Clean stone available locally, compacted to give an average thickness of 150mm and placed upon a prepared sub-soil. Drains can be installed as an optional extra.

Working Surface

Conifer bark and wood fibre, laid to a level thickness of 225mm on a separation and drainage membrane.

Riding Surfaces

Jacksons's separation and drainage membrane.

Jumping Poles

3.6m Long x 100m diameter (131800)

Line Drawings/Q40s

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Polyfelt riding arena layer roll
Roll Polyfelt TS20 4.0m x 100m

Code: 992810

£199.00 EXC VAT

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