Garden Security Fencing


Secure garden fencing

Garden fencing and gates are the first line of defence from intruders and burglars. Burglars are often opportunistic, so it’s crucial to maintain security levels consistently to ensure there are no opportunities to be taken advantage of.


1. Substantial fencing

Intruders will often choose properties that are easy to get in and out of. Low, weak or easily scaled fencing won't act as much defence against opportunist intruders. Instead opt for well-designed fencing that is strong and substantial. Choose fence panels that are framed and have adequate support so they will be harder to scale or break through. 

2. Tall fencing

The taller the fence the harder it is to scale. Without planning permission fencing can be 2 meters tall, consider planning permission to erect a taller fence to increase security.

3. Fencing in good condition

Ensure your fencing and gates are in good condition. Dilapidated fencing won’t put up much resistance and could also offer a direct line of sight into your property. If your fencing fails, replace it as quickly as possible to reduce opportunistic crime. Solid fence panels will offer the most privacy and therefore prevent a line of sight into your property. At the front of the property, lower fencing will allow you to spot anyone entering your property and ensure neighbours and passers by can be alerted if suspicious activity commences.

4. Vertical fence panels

When choosing fencing, opt for vertical fence panels (pales fixed vertically instead of horizontally). This will ensure there are no foot or hand holds. Rails should be installed facing inside your property to ensure they do not provide a ladder into your property. Opt for fencing as close to 2 metres as possible, or higher with planning permission.

5. Secure with gates

Gates should be fitted with locks to ensure the boundary is secure. We recommend 1- or 2-way locks fitted during manufacturing. Automated gates control access into your property and stop unidentified visitors gaining access to your property. Good quality driveway gates generally have internal steel frames, making them harder to break through.