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Although most people these days in the UK use metric measurements as a matter of course, items like fence panels were originally made in the older imperial measurements of feet and inches, so you will find that it is generally accepted that they are still made in sizes from 1ft, in increments of foot, up to 6ft, as these are the sizes that fence panels are usually made in. The same goes for the standard width of a fencing panel being 6f too. For example, a common size is 6x6 fence panels which equate to 6ft wide x 6ft high. So nowadays they are made to these old imperial sizes, but the official measurements they are sold in are often listed as metric: centimetres, meters and sometimes in millimetres.

Here’s a handy conversion table to help:

Panel conversion table

 6ft = 1.83m (1830mm)

5ft = 1.52m (1520mm)

4ft = 1.22m (1220mm)

3ft = 0.91m (910mm)

2ft = 0.6m (600mm)

1ft = 0.3m (300mm)

6 x 6 Fence Panels

The highest standard panel height is normally 6ft, this is not by chance, it is dictated by UK planning laws; they state that planning is required for any fence over 2m, so it follows that the highest standard panels that are usually available are 1.83m high - that’s our 6ft panel in imperial, which is makes good sense as it allows for a gravel board to be installed at the bottom of the panel in contact with the ground.

Fence Panel Installation Advice

When offering general advice on fencing, we should at least mention fence installation. The old saying, “A fence is only as secure as its installation” is worth paying attention to. When you’ve chosen the style and height of the panels you want, whilst making sure they are strong, well made and treated properly - hopefully with a 25 year guarantee against rot and insect attack, then be sure to choose strong wooden posts. Quite often this can be where it literally all falls down! If you don’t choose posts that are made from the right type of timber, that are kiln dried and pressure treated, the posts can rot once they are dug in to the ground. If you want to find out more about Jacksons slotted posts and how to ensure they are installed to the right depth, at least 600mm, with the correct ground preparation so the post is resting on gravel for drainage, you can find out everything you need to know on our fence installation advice page.

Installation Advice

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