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Fence panel come in a range of sizes, but most manufacturers will make panels in standard heights. They include, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft or 0.91m, 1.22m, 1.52m and 1.83m. Most panels however, will come in 1.83m or 6ft wide as the only standard option for fence panel width.

It’s likely in a fence run, that one or two panels will need to be shorter in length. The most cost-effective way to reduce the width of a panel is to use the manufacturers cut down kit. This kit allows the installer to reduce the width on site during the installation

Fence panel size conversion table

6ft = 1.83m (1830mm)

5ft = 1.52m (1520mm)

4ft = 1.22m (1220mm)

3ft = 0.91m (910mm)

2ft = 0.6m (600mm)

1ft = 0.3m (300mm)

6 x 6 Fence Panels

The highest standard panel height is normally 6ft, which is dictated by UK planning laws that state that planning is required for any fence over 2m. It follows that the highest standard panels available are 1.83m high - that’s our 6ft panel in metric, allowing extra room for a gravel board, which is always recommended to improve the life of your fence.

Standard width of fence panels

Standard width of fence panels are 6ft or 1.83m wide. Most manufacturers will make fence panels in this width. For shorter widths panels can be cut down using a cut down kit. Read our blog for more advice on how to reduce the width of a fence panel

Can't find the size you're after?

We can make fencing bespoke to suit your requirements. If our standard sizing doesn't fit, talk to us about making a bespoke panel, or reducing the width of a panel using our cut down kit.

Bespoke Fencing

What height should my fence be?

Fence height should be as close to 2 metres / 6ft as possible. You can have higher fencing with planning permission if required but check your local authority guidelines. Privacy and security are usually why fencing is in place, so the taller it can be, the more you will get.

Can my fence panels be higher than my posts

A fence post is there to support and hold fence panels up. If the panel is higher than the fence post, the section of panel above will not be supported. If this is only a few centimetres there isn’t too much of an issue. However, large sections of fence panel above the post, will weaken the integrity of the panel and put excess strain on the posts which could cause failure.

There are some products which can be used to extend the height of a fence post, but these don’t look great, are prone to wind damage, and the existing fence posts must be strong enough to take the weight of these as well.

The best solution is to replace the fence posts when a taller fence panel is required.