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Ideal to create enclosures and screens while still allowing sunlight to pass through, trellis panels are a great way to support climbing plants as well as lend visual interest to a garden while plants lie dormant in winter.
They can also help you transform your garden by allowing you to section different areas for different functions such as dining, relaxing or growing vegetables.

Made from our superior timber and guaranteed for 25 years, our garden trellis fence panels come in different styles ranging from traditional Square and Diamond to Tartan designs.

Take a look at our range below and don’t forget to use our Fence Calculator to quickly calculate requirements and cost of your new trellis panels:


Trellis Garden Gate Detail
Wooden Trellis Gates

Our Trellis garden gates are ideal for creating access points to intimate areas for dining or relaxing and encouraging climbing plants. A great asset to any garden.

Square trellis panels in garden
Standard Garden Trellis Panels

Our garden Trellis panels made with passion, ideal for creating inimate areas for socialising. These sturdy Trellis panels are guaranteed for 25-years.

Premier Square Trellis Panel
Premier Square Trellis Panels

Square trellis panels are often used as garden screens or as topper trellis for fencing to add more interest. A wide variety of sizes are available.

Diamond trellis fencing
Premier Diamond Trellis Panels

A timeless, decorative feature, our Diamond Trellis panels are great as fence toppers or stylish garden screens to section parts of your garden off.

Lattice trellis panel
Lattice Trellis Panels

These elegrant, handcrafted Lattice trellis panels offer more privacy without completely blocking out light. Great for adding height to existing fencing.

Metal Trellis for wall
Metal Trellis

Sturdy, simple and elegant, our metal wall trellis are the ideal solution for growing climbing plants to really add colour to your garden.

Trellis panel
Premier Tartan Trellis Panels

A refreshing new spin on trellis, these attractive panels offer a mid-way point between our Lattice trellis and our traditional trellis.

Trellis garden gate front LH
Trellis Gate Kit

Trellis gate kits are to be used in combination with any trellis panel to help create a timeless fencing system. Guaranteed for 25-years.

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Buying multiple products?
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Buying multiple products?
Just update the quantities of each item you wish to buy and click 'Add all to basket'

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