The Timber Treatment Process

The Lowest Lifetime Cost

The Jakcure process adds 15% to our costs, so Jakcured fencing will cost you marginally more than other fencing, but it will last many times longer, so when you use Jacksons Jakcured timber products, they are guaranteed for 25 years, which means you only need to buy them once and erect them once. That’s real economy, or environmentally the best fencing you can buy!

See the difference - the effect of timber drying on treatment penetration.

Eight raw timber posts are selected as samples. Timber is a natural material and takes up water as it grows. So when it arrives from the sawmill it will be very wet, sometimes with a moisture content in excess of 100% of the weight of the dry wood.

The eight samples are then split into two: Samples ‘A’ and ‘B’