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There’s nothing shoddier than a cluttered garden with little structure and poor storage solutions, but with space becoming a premium and gardens getting smaller its becoming harder to conceal items that often are a blot on a garden landscape, e.g. wheelie bins, logs and garden upkeep equipment. However Jacksons have come up with a few solutions and ideas on how to conceal items that may be giving your garden a negative look.

Wheelie Bin Stores

A simple storage solution and a great way to contain your bins, the Jacksons wheelie bin stores are designed using our sturdy Tongue and groove effect boards and a galvanised steel frame for extra strength. The bin stores have been designed to fit two bins, however additional units are available to buy if you’re looking to expand your bin store to fit 3 or more bins.

Timber Sleepers

Timber sleepers are a great way to add structure and definition to your garden space; they can be used to frame your garden border, by using timber sleepers around the outer edges of the garden it will make the garden look well kept and tidy. Garden sleepers can also be used to assemble raised flower beds, this works perfectly for smaller gardens as raised flower beds can add more depth and height to gardens. Some of our customers even use our sleepers to create a wooden board walk feel, which looks amazing in beach style gardens.


Jakwall is our famous brick effect timbers, this product was introduced as a solution for landscape gardeners.. The product can be used to build retaining walls within the garden; this is a brilliant way to zone of areas of the garden whilst keeping with the very popular outdoor room trend. Some of our customers prefer to use Jakwall timbers over timber sleepers for their raised flower beds; this all depends on whether you prefer the brick wall effect or the smoothed timber effect.

Build a deck

Garden decking is a brilliant way of furnishing your garden, decking is often used to create entertaining and dining areas and is often the staple point in the garden. Decking can also be used to fix landscaping issues such as uneven or sloping ground. Jacksons decking kits are a simple solution for a quick deck and may work well for awkward areas. If you’re looking to decorate your deck we recommend adding a pergola for a simple shade solution, or a trellis/semi-solid panel to create a privacy screen.

Log Stores

If you’re lucky enough to have a log burner in the house then you’ll need to consider how you’re going to store your logs throughout the winter months. If space permits, then a log store is a beautiful way to store logs and gives a country feel to gardens, whilst also keeping the outdoors tidy and organised.

Featherboard Cladding

If you’re looking to build a garden shed then you’ll need some form of cladding, one of the most popular types is Featheredge cladding. Jacksons do not manufacture Larch cladding, this is because it is a lower quality timber therefore we are unable to treat it meaning we cannot make the product last as long as we would like. Jacksons Featheredge cladding is guaranteed for 25 years.

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