Barriers and parking control

Be it for security or demarcation, Jacksons offer a variety of bollards and barriers designed to secure car parks, garage forecourts, roadways and much more. With our quality steel and timber parking control solutions, guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years, you can be confident in premium security protection that lasts.

Height Restriction Barrier

The MaxHite, Height Restriction Barrier prevents vehicles above a certain height to access restricted areas. The barrier can span roads up to a width of 10 meters and can be padlocked in either a open or a closed position

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Keeper Rising Arm Barrier

The manually operated Keeper rising barrier has two designs; one design for barriers less than 6 meters and another design for barriers over 6 meters. The barrier rising barrier is counterbalanced for ease of operation.

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Warden Swing Barrier

The manually operated Warden Swing Barrier is commonly used to restrict areas where low volumes of traffic require access. The barrier is supplied with a hinge post and also two slam posts. A single barrier can range in size from 3 meters to 9 meters.

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Car Park Barriers

Medium or Heavy duty automatic traffic barriers. Many different options and configurations available and designed to suit individual requirements.

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Pedestrian Guard Rails

Our pedestrian guard rail has been purposely designed for use around roads and car parks, to keep pedestrians safe or to create a barrier keeping traffic contained to the road. This metal railing is exceptionally strong with solid pales welded to tubular rails but at the same time allows good visibility for drivers of motor vehicles.

Pedestrian Guard Rail

Sentry® Crash Barriers

The Sentry crash barrier has been designed to protect property from vehicle damage. The barrier comes galvanised as standard and comes with an option to be powder coated at extra cost.

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Security rail
Traffic Barriers & Parking Control Security Rail

Ideal for securing car parks or garage forecourts, available powder coated

Metal Bollards
Metal Bollards

A variety of quality metal bollards built to last and protect

Car Bar
Car Bars Barriers & Parking Control

Designed as a parking and traffic control barrier, offering security and convenience.

Timber Bollards
Timber Bollards

Simple light weight timber bollards for demarcation purposes and protection

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We offer the longest guarantee available on timber production for residential use.