Here you will find frequently asked questions about Jacksons and our products. You will also find an A-Z Fencing dictionary which we have created to help you understand all fencing terms that may be used on our site and by fencing contractors.

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Jakcure Treatment

What causes swelling and shrinkage?

The cell structure in timber stores water which is gradually released or absorbed depending on the level of temperature and humidity. This effectively changes the volume of the timber and naturally the parts closest to the surface will dry more quickly than those closer to the centre. Splitting in the timber is part of the natural drying process in hot weather and in some cases; these splits may reduce or ‘heal’ in wetter conditions and should not be viewed as flaws. When first delivered, dimensions may increase by up to 6 - 8% as our treatment process can temporarily cause the products to swell. Due to the natural structure of the timber these changes can sometimes cause some twisting or distortion which we are unable to predict in manufacture, but have no effect on the structural integrity of the finished article.

Do I need to re-stain or seal my fence regularly to maintain its condition?

No, the Jakcure® timber treatment will deliver a 25-year service life and the timber will require no additional treatment to maintain its condition. If you wish to stain the product, view our FAQ 'Can I clean and paint Jacksons timber products?' under the timber section.

Can wood intended for use in children’s play areas be treated with Jakcure® process?

Yes, any timber that will come into contact with skin should only use preservatives that have undergone comprehensive toxicological testing, as the Jakcure® process preservatives have.

Is wood treated with Jakcure® preservative safe to burn?

Principally, chemically treated wood should not be burned in domestic incinerators, but disposed of separately in the correct manner.

Are all timber preservatives classified with regard to their potential environmental and health risks?

In Europe all timber preservatives must comply with legally stipulated requirements in posing no health risks and being environmentally compatible. They must all be evaluated individually and subjected to a very extensive, critical health and environmental appraisal before being granted approval for their intended use.

Does Jakcure® treated timber contain Biocidal products?

All Jakcure® treated timber incorporates Biocidal products to protect against wood destroying organisms.

Active ingredients include Copper (II) Carbonate, Copper (II) Hydroxide, Propiconazole, Tebuconazole and N,N-Didecyl-N,N-dimethylammonium Carbonate / Barcarbonate.

What are the safety measures when handling/processing Jakcure® Timber?

  • Wear gloves when handling treated timber
  • Avoid inhalation of sawdust when cutting timber
  • Do not use in contact with drinking water or for direct food contact.
  • Do not use for animal bedding, in fish ponds or for sheet piling (canal banks).

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About our Timber

Why is there variation in colour?

Every tree is different in form, colour and grain and even within the confines of a cut length will allow the Jakcure® treatment process to penetrate differently. Colour differences will usually become less pronounced over time but a consistent flat colour without variation will never be achieved.

What causes swelling and shrinkage?

The cell structure in timber stores water which is gradually released or absorbed depending on the level of temperature and humidity. This effectively changes the volume of the timber and naturally the parts closest to the surface will dry more quickly than those closer to the centre. Splitting in the timber is part of the natural drying process in hot weather and in some cases; these splits may reduce or ‘heal’ in wetter conditions and should not be viewed as flaws. When first delivered, dimensions may increase by up to 6 - 8% as our treatment process can temporarily cause the products to swell. Due to the natural structure of the timber these changes can sometimes cause some twisting or distortion which we are unable to predict in manufacture, but have no effect on the structural integrity of the finished article.

Why do knots occur?

Knots are present where branches have been cut from the tree before it is peeled and sawn. Knots should be expected on finished products but we do carefully select our timber to minimise their presence and size in highly visible parts of our products.

What is resin?

Resins occur naturally within softwoods and in the process of drying, may rise to the surface. Resin causes no harm to the timber or the Jakcure® process and can be removed if required by scraping when it hardens or wiped off with a rag soaked in turpentine.

What is delamination?

On a rare occasion our planed products may display a small area where it looks like a piece of the timber surface is peeling away from the rest of the product, this is known as ‘delamination’.  Delamination of the pine surface is entirely natural and unfortunately unpredictable. Our understanding is that this occurs where the growth rings on a tree have grown at differing rates, depending on weather conditions during a growing cycle, and each adheres to the previous year’s growth to a greater or lesser degree. 

Although this is a fairly rare occurrence, this unfortunately is not something that can be spotted during the rigorous quality checks our product component go through. Like any delamination of board surfaces, it can be trimmed with a sharp craft knife if it is causing a visual upset, and will not affect the structural integrity of the product, nor the 25 year guarantee.  The timber under the trimmed area may be a slightly different colour but will soon blend back into the colour of the rest of the product.


What level of surface finishing should I expect from your peeled timber?

We use timber specially selected for its suitability for our Jakcure® treatment process in the manufacture of our Special Post and Heavy Rail Fencing, Straining Posts and Mixed Cleft and Round Fencing Stakes and while we make every effort to ‘peel’ all of the bark from the timber, due to the natural irregularities of a log it is not always possible to do so. It is perfectly normal to find occasional small patches of bark on the surface of a post or rail, these are not faults and will not detract from the effectiveness of the Jakcure® process or the durability and performance of the item.

You may also notice, on occasions, a line of indentations along the length of a post or rail, these marks are made by the harvester when the tree is felled and most are removed with the bark, but some do remain. Once again, these are not faults and will not detract from the effectiveness of the Jakcure® process or the durability and performance of the item.

What level of surface finishing should I expect from your sawn timber?

Sawing is used to 'square' the timber and achieve a uniform size, within tolerances. It is sawn in high volume in high speed mills before being supplied to us. We expect to remove any bark; however, sawn timbers will have loose fibres on the surface and may exhibit some marking from the saw blade.

What level of surface finishing should I expect from your planed timber?

On planed products, we aim to plane all faces of the component parts to achieve a smoother finish than can be achieved with sawing alone to achieve consistent dimensions. The machines and materials we use are designed to produce products that are fit for purpose, not a 'furniture' smooth finish. Very small regular undulations or ridges may be seen on the surface in certain light conditions.

Contrary to popular belief, the process of planeing does not reduce the risk of splitting, in fact because of the smooth surface; splits may actually appear more prominent. Occasionally small areas of the surface may exhibit a sawn rather than planed finish where a section of the material is missed by the planers’ blades. We try to identify and remove components which have large unplaned areas that could detract from the overall appearance of the product once installed. Any dimensions quoted on planed products are 'nominal' due to the variation in size of sawn timber supplied to us and the rate of swelling following our Jakcure® treatment process.

What is the ‘spotting’ that may be seen on the surface of the timber?

You may occasionally see small blue, green or white spots on the surface of Jakcure® treated timber. These are tiny specks of resin on the timber surface that have been dyed by the treatment which are not detrimental to the product and can usually be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Why is it that some small sections of the timber are rougher than the surrounding area?

The small patches of ‘rough’ timber are the result of fraying which sometimes occurs on sections of timber where the wood fibres naturally run against the working direction of a planer or saw blade. Fraying will not affect the performance of the finished product.

Can I stain/paint Jacksons timber products?

Our timber products are Jakcure® treated to provide a 25-year guarantee against wood boring insects and all types of rot. They do not require any additional treatment throughout their service life in normal usage apart from the use of our brush applied end grain preservative on any timber cut during installation.. However, should you wish to stain or paint our timber, our advice is to buy the best water based coatings you can afford and please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Assemble the product and let the timber dry thoroughly through several weeks of dry weather
  2. Use a microporous finish that allows the timber to breathe
  3. Read and follow the manufacturers’ instructions on the tin
  4. Trial a small, inconspicuous area first to check all is well, before proceeding with the main areas.
  5. These will often recommend thinning down the first coat of finish and allowing it to dry
  6. Build up the finish with 2, 3 or 4 full coats depending on the depth of finish required
  7. Remember, you shouldn’t expect to achieve a ‘mirror like’ gloss finish, our timber is selected and treated for outdoor use in harsh conditions


If timber is painted this will not affect your Treatment Guarantee. Products such as Sadolin Classic may also be used to refresh or add colour to your fencing and can be obtained from many DIY stores. Always allow timber to dry naturally prior to applying any other product.

Please bear in mind that once painted or stained, the fence will generally have to continue to be painted every few years to top up the colour. Most timber products on the market are painted to protect them from rot and help them last longer but this is a key advantage of our Jakcure® guarantee, meaning the product can be left and doesn’t have to be touched for 25 years.

Can I clean Jacksons timber products?

To clean Jakcured® Timber products, we recommend a gentle washing with slightly soapy water and sponge. A very light abrasive such as a nylon kitchen scourer can be used along the grain. Do not rub across the grain as it is likely to leave marks.

A cold water pressure washer (such as Karcher) can be used, but care must be taken not to damage the surface of the timber.

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Web Advice

Is my payment secure?

Yes, Jacksons Fencing use Opayo (previously Sage Pay) secure processing platform to take card and Paypal payments. More information on Opayo can be found by clicking here.

How do I load a saved basket?

If you follow the instructions below, you should be able to load your saved basket:

  1. Login, using the login link in the top right hand corner of the webpage.
  2. When logged in, click on the “My Account” button on the right of the main menu.
  3. Scroll down the page that appears and near the bottom of the page you should have a section under the header “Your Saved Baskets:“
  4. Click the load button on the line that displays the basket you wish to load.
  5. After the OK button is clicked your current basket should contain the items of the old saved basket.

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Ordering Delivering

How Do I place an order?

You can order most standard items online. It is also possible to order over the telephone: 0800 408 2234, by fax: 01233 750403 and by email: sales@jacksons-fencing.co.uk

Our website and catalogue are full of useful hints & tips on how to work out your requirements, but if you would like any advice, please contact our sales team. We also have a range of Project Enquiry forms to make it easy to send us the details of your project.

How do I pay?

When ordering Online, we accept most major Credit/Debit cards using Opayo (previously Sage Pay) secure processing platform. It is also possible to use Paypal to make payments Online. On the telephone or in store, we accept most major credit cards, cash & BACS (Computer Bank transfers). Credit/Debit cards are debited at time of order. We have a range of Business Account options available to Trade, Commercial and Local Authorities. Should you wish to discuss a Trading Account for regular trading, please speak to our sales team.

Where are your depots?

We have three Fencing Centres at Ashford in Kent, Bath and Chester. Should you wish to visit, click on Contact Us to see information about the different stores.

Do you have any local stockists?

We have local agents all over the country, but most do not hold stocks of our products. You can call us on 0800 41 43 43 for more information.

I am not near any of your depots, so how can I see your products?

All products can be viewed on the website, or you can request a brochure by post and download individual sections here, or download the full PDF Good Fencing Guide and price booklet here. If you are thinking about ordering a product, it is worth noting that Jacksons Fencing operate a “No Quibble” returns policy, so if you are not satisfied, you can either return the product to us, or if we delivered, we will collect and give you a full refund provided the material is in re-saleable condition.




How do I open an Approved Trading Account?

To apply for a Trading Account please download our Account Application form from here, forms should be completed and posted back to our head office:

H S Jackson & Son (Fencing) Ltd
Stowting Common
TN25 6BN

Alternatively if you are a UK Ltd company and have been trading for more than 1 year please call our sales team on 0800 408 2234 and quote your company registration number and we will do all we can, if approved to set up a trading account usually within 24 hours.

How do you deliver?

We have many options available. Our own fleet of vehicles range from transit size to full size articulated lorries, and some even have the option for fork lift unloading on suitable ground. Flexibility is the key word, and we always try to take into account any requirements that you may have as to size of vehicle we will use to make your delivery. We can also offer express or overnight deliveries, but please note that there are size restrictions and extra carriage charges involved, so please speak to us about this option by calling 0800 408 2234.

How long after I place an order can I expect delivery?

This depends on the product chosen, but for a stocked product we will deliver the next time we are in your area, and we aim to cover all areas every week. We will always try to fit in deliveries to meet customer requirements, so if you have a specific deadline please talk to one of our Sales Advisors on 0800 408 2234. Some of our products are custom made, so will have a longer delivery time, but we can give you an estimated delivery date at the time of placing your order. We aim to complete the majority of deliveries within 14 days but this may vary depending on the specific stock availability and seasonal variations.

Do I have to be in when you deliver?

Not necessarily, if you are happy for us to leave the materials. However, this will not apply in the case of Express or Overnight deliveries, as a signature will be required.

How do I know if it’s a stock item?

Stocked products are marked in our Good Fencing Guide with a large dot by the product code. Availability on non-stock items varies according to the product, so please call 0800 408 2234 for the current lead time on any of these.

Why are your delivery costs high, even when the order value is relatively low?

We do try our best to try to keep the cost of delivery down, so much so that we don’t actually cover the whole transport costs with the charges. One of our logistical challenges is the very bulky nature of the majority of our products, they take up a lot of space on our lorries, the products also tend to be odd shapes – not small, or even big cardboard boxes – so sometimes it’s only possible to get a small quantity of orders for customers out on each lorry per day. We cover the whole country with a relatively small fleet of vehicles, which is why we don’t have the capacity to make it a next day service. Our charges may seem high when compared with many other online retailers, where their shipping cost may only be 1 – 2% of the sale value, and they may well have the advantage of only needing to get relatively small packages out to their customer, probably via a third party/courier service.

How do I cancel and return my products

Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 law you have the legal right to cancel your order from the moment it is placed until 14 days from the day you received it.
If you wish to exercise your right to cancel this Contract after your order has already been despatched please follow the procedure set out below:

  1. Should you wish to return anything bought from us, we will be happy to provide a refund or exchange provided it is in fully resaleable condition, within 28 days of delivery.
  2. If we find that the product returned to us in damaged condition and unsuitable for resale, we reserve the right to refuse a refund on the item, or to deduct up to 50% of the original selling price from the refund amount.
  3. You can arrange for your returns to be collected by contacting our Sales Team on 0800 408 2234 or by email to weborders@jacksons-fencing.co.uk, giving the order number, item number, stating the reason for the return and whether you want a refund or a replacement.  You can download an optional cancellation form to assist with this process please click here.
  4. We will refund the price of the item to you or exchange the goods if they were delivered to you in error or in a damaged or faulty condition once it is received by us. A refund of the delivery charge will be given in the instance of incorrect, damaged or faulty goods.

Restrictions on returns

Your right to return goods exclude Special Order products which have been made to your specification unless found to be damaged or faulty on delivery to you. In these cases the goods will be replaced without charge.

It would be helpful if there was an option on your website for picking a delivery date/slot why don’t you do this?

I’m afraid we are not able to provide this kind of flexibility due to limitations on our fleet of vehicles and the areas we cover. We will always try to accommodate requests where we can, and specific dates to be avoided for example.

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Product Advice

What does the Jakcure® Guarantee mean?

All Jacksons timber products carry a 25 Year Jakcure® Guarantee against rot & insect attack. Jakcure® is a pressure treatment process which penetrates the centre of the wood for long lasting protection. It is harmless to man, animal and plant life. For more details on our timber treatment click here. When your installation is complete, to register your guarantee please fill in our online registration form.

Guarantee Form


Why are there no prices on Courtyard Gates?

Courtyard gates are custom made to order. You can expect to receive a premium quality product that meets your precise requirements. For a no obligation quotation please contact our sales team on 0800 408 2234, giving us the size you require & indicating whether you require posts. We will then quote you a price that will include all fittings.

Due to popular demand we have now introduced a range of standard size Courtyard Gates including prices.

Why do you only recommend galvanised steel posts for courtyard gates?

Courtyard gates are built around a galvanized steel sub-frame, and are clad both sides with timber, giving you a gate with two “face” sides. This makes them far heavier than gates of a lower specification, and in the long term, timber posts are unlikely to be suitable. We offer the options of having the posts polyester powder coated using the RAL colour system, so they will complement their surroundings, we can also provide timber cladding thus incorporating the strength of a steel post with the natural look of timber.

What height fence / gates am I allowed to install?

We are not able to offer planning advice as it is very much a local issue that can vary area by area and even road by road. You need to consult your local planning department with details of the proposed project, unless you can confirm that the project falls with local policy for “Permitted Development”. Information is usually published on local .gov websites.

Do you make any other custom made gates?

Yes we can offer various styles made to your sizes, so please contact one of our Sales Team on 0800 408 2234 for further details & prices, if you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website.

Can your gates be automated?

Yes, we can offer a full range of entry systems for all our gates, and have a fleet of specially trained engineers available to install these systems. Please click on gate automation on the home page for information, or for further advice contact our Sales Team on 0800 408 2234.

Why is there a long vertical saw-cut in the gate posts?

Because the growth rings of trees are circular, and because timber varies slightly in density across the width, this can cause internal stresses. Being a natural product the post will take up & release moisture as the seasons change & this may cause radial splits. The purpose of the cut is to relieve the stress caused by this process thus reducing unsightly splits.

A-Z of Fencing terms, what is a..?

Visit the A-Z of fencing terms page for a complete breakdown of all Jacksons Fencing and industry terms

Why we do not manufacture or sell concrete posts?

On the surface most people would assume concrete would last longer, however it is susceptible to frost damage and cracking, which can end its life prematurely. Concrete post are also difficult to handle due to their weight. Jakcure® treated wooden fence posts are lighter and have many more advantage over concrete and we are so confident in our Jakcure® process we back it with a 25 year guarantee. See our blog post for help concrete or wooden fence posts.

Storing materials for later installation

As timber is a natural material, warping and twisting can occur over time and if you are not installing products straight away, it's important to store them correctly to help reduce the increased chance of damage, warping and twisting.

We recommend all products should be stored out of direct sunlight and in a cool, damp free environment. A good example would be a well-ventilated garage or garden shed. avoid warm or heated buildings.

We recommend products are only stored for a maximum of 30 days. Any issues that occur because of storing a product for longer than that time, will not be valid for a refund as per our refund policy.

A timber gate can be stored either upright or flat, but it is important that all four corners are supported in line, to prevent twisting. Store off the ground to prevent the base of the gate 'sitting' in any water.

For all products, do not remove the original protective packaging or banding used to hold items together.

Fence panels can be stored on the pallet they arrived on. If they did not arrive on a pallet, we advise you store on a flat surface. Panels should remain off the ground and be fully supported.

Do our fence panels work with other concrete and metal posts?

We would recommend either our timber Jakposts® or metal Mi-T® posts that are both guaranteed for 25 years, but if you do have existing concrete posts that you do not want to replace, then our panels can work with these posts. Make sure the existing concrete posts have slots/rebates which allow for panels up to a thickness of 54mm. Most of our framed panels are a thickness of 51mm but the width dimensions of components may increase to 6% when first delivered as our treatment process can temporarily cause the product to swell.

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Does the catalogue have prices?

Our Good Fencing Guide does not include pricing. Instead we have included QR codes which take you to our website to see current pricing. 

Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly advisors if you need any assistance on pricing or assistance with bespoke product pricing. Contact us by telephone 0800 408 2234 or email sales@jacksons-fencing.co.uk.

Our Commercial Fencing and Access Solutions and our Jakoustic Technical brochures do not include pricing as these solutions require expert advice from our experienced sales teams. Please use contacts as above.

These can be found: 

Acoustic Brochure
Commercial Security Brochure

All brochures are downloadable and paper brochures can be requested this website or our Commercial Security Fencing site: www.jacksons-security.co.uk.


How do I get a catalogue?

Download a digital copy of our brochure here and fill in the form for a paper copy.

You can also go to My Account and register or login, and this will enable faster access to Request a Brochure page. Alternatively you can call us on freefone 0800 408 2234. Please remember that the majority of product information is also held within the website for your convenience. New products are often featured online prior to being available within the paper brochure.

Do your prices include V.A.T?

No, VAT will need to be added to the total amount. Don’t forget to add the delivery charge. Details can be found on the inside back cover of the Good Fencing Guide or on our Delivery Costs & Terms Page, or call 0800 408 2234 for information.

Do your prices include delivery?

No, delivery is extra. Rates are shown by following the link below, including an express delivery option. Click on where to buy from our delivery information.  

For current delivery charges please refer to our delivery costs and terms page, delivery information.

Express Delivery
24 and 48 hours can be arranged at additional cost. We shall be pleased to quote competitively for delivery.


I do not live within the delivery areas listed in your catalogue. Do you make any deliveries elsewhere?

We can quote rates for delivery to anywhere, so please contact our Sales Team by telephone 0800 408 2234, fax 01233 750403 or e-mail sales@jacksons-fencing.co.uk or Exports to Jersey please visit our Contact Us area.

For our standard delivery costs & terms please click here

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Security Fencing

Can you help with Security Fencing?

Yes, we manufacture a full range of Security Fencing & Gates to the highest specifications, and for the most sensitive and secure locations, both in the UK and abroad. Our installation teams are fully conversant with the various systems, which have been installed in some very prestigious and highly sensitive sites across the UK. 

Case Studies can be found on our Commercial Security website.

More information on security fencing and commercial products can be found on our security site, www.jacksons-security.co.uk.

Request a security catalogue here or call 0800 408 2234 for a free copy.


What colours do you offer for security fencing?

Standard colours are green, black, blue, white and grey, but other colours are available from the “RAL” colour range. These may be subject to a surcharge, so please contact our Sales Team on 0800 41 43 43 for further information.

We have our own Powder Coating Plant based at our Head Office and Manufacturing site in Kent.
Some of the most common RAL numbers as listed below:
Black RAL 9005
Green RAL 6005
White RAL 9010
Blue RAL 5010
Blue BS 20-C-40
Brown RAL 8017
Yellow RAL 1018
Grey RAL 7012
Red RAL 3020

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Can you help with an Export Enquiry?

Yes, we have an Export Department who have many years of experience dealing with both security and domestic fencing, ranging from collections by European customers to shipping to the Falkland Islands.

For EXPORT enquiries Please make all initial enquiries to our Head Office:

Phone: 01233 750393
International tel no: +44 (0) 1233 750393
International fax no: +44 (0) 1233 750403
E-mail: export@jacksons-fencing.co.uk
For FRENCH enquiries
E-mail: france@jacksons-clotures.co.uk
For JERSEY enquiries

Please see our  Jersey web page for full contact details

For GUERNSEY enquiries 

please see our Guernsey web page for full contact details

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Can I have my order installed by Jacksons?

Yes, we can organise you to be put in contact with your local Approved Installer. For more information on our Approved Installer Service please browse our Approved Fence Installation service.

Alternatively call us on 0800 408 2234 for more information.

If you require installation for security fencing, we can install it for you. When you make an enquiry, tell us if you need installation.

Can you repair my fence?

We do not undertake repairs or maintain other companies products, but would be happy to provide a quotation to replace old or damaged fences with our own fencing, which has a 25 year Jakcure® guarantee. You can find out more about our guarantee by researching 25 year Jakcure® Guarantee.  

How long does it take for one of your teams to install a fence?

Installation times vary with the seasons, the complexity of the project & the type of fencing being installed. Our sales teams are able to provide a very rough estimate but we recommend seeking a consultation with the recommended installer. Please contact either the Retail or Commercial sales team by calling 0800 41 43 43

How do I find out the cost of having a fence installed?

Initially we would ask you to supply us with an estimate of the quantity of fencing required, and an idea of the layout including any corners, ends, gates etc.You can use our calculators to help you work out the quantity of fencing you need. Click on Get a Free Quote at the top of the site. This will enable us to produce a 'Budget Quotation'. Should you then wish to go ahead with the installation we will visit the site, confirm all the details, and produce a final quotation.


If I accept your quotation for fence installation, what happens next?

We ask for the cost of materials at this stage. We accept cash, cheques, BACS (Computerised Bank Transfers) and most major credit cards. Credit card transactions are not processed until the materials are ready for despatch. The labour will be charged on completion of the Installation.

What help is available if I wish to do my own Installation?

We have installation instructions available on the majority of our products, either by contacting the Sales Office on 0800 41 43 43, or you can download a PDF of the instructions you require here: Installation Instructions