Featherboard Fence Panels


25 Year Guarantee

Featherboard / Feather Egde Fence Panels

  • Precision sawn weathered rails give a neater finish and increased strength
  • Three styles available; level top, convex & concave
  • Designed for use with slotted fence posts (Jakposts)
  • All fixings/nails stainless steel throughout
  • Higher panels constructed with three rails for extra strength
  • New improved heavier top and bottom rails for extra strength
  • Matching featherboard / feather edge gates available
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One of the strongest featherboard panel fences available. Featherboard panels are also referred to feather edge panels, or sometimes close board. Our featherboard / feather edge panels are all weathered and clad with our premium 100mm featherboard / feather edge pales.

Our featherboard / feather edge fencing panels are heavy section, this means an even stronger fence. All panels are 1.83m wide and 50mm thick, if you need a narrower panel to complete your fence, it is fine to cut a panel to the correct size on site. although it is important to remember to treat cut ends with Jakcure End Grain Preservative. Panels are constructed with 2 rails for heights up to 1.05m high and 3 rails for heights 1.05m and above offering additional strength.

All timber is manufactured from superior quality, planed finish Jakcured softwood, guaranteed for 25 years.


Featherboard / Feather edge Specification

  • All panels are 1.83m wide as standard
  • Level top panel heights: 0.6m / 0.9m / 1.05m / 1.2m / 1.35m / 1.5m / 1.65m / 1.8m
  • Panels are 50mm think
  • Clad with 100mm Feather edge boards
  • Constructed from two weathered rails unless 1.05m or above and then three rails are used.

Featherboard / feather edge panels are also available with a concave or convex top.

Traditional featherboard which is suppled in a kit form system is an available alternative to these fence panels. Click here to view our traditional featherboard fencing.

Detailed instructions of "How to Install Panel Fencing on slotted posts" are available

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Matching Featherboard / Feather edge Gates


Convex Featherboard Panels


Concave Featherboard Panels


Traditional Featherboard non panel form



Please note that gravel boardsneed to be used when panels are in contact with the ground as part the 25 year Jakcure guarantee conditions - more detail can be found on our Jakcure T&C's page

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Buying multiple products?
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