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Security Fencing

Jacksons Fencing is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of security fencing and access systems. From decorative yet secure metal railings, to welded mesh security panels, we have a wide range of options for both residential and commercial properties. We also have a vast high security portfolio that includes Government Approved products (CPNI), LPCB LPS 1175 - Security Rated A1-E10, and Secured by Design products.

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    Every Jacksons product is designed with safety in mind; from the foundation calculations, to the pale spacing in fencing and gates to the fittings used and the expert installation services provided.

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    Jacksons was one of the first fencing manufacturers to have products developed and tested to LPS 1175 and remains the only fencing and gate manufacturer able to offer certified products from LPS 1175 SR1 through to LPS 1175 SR5 (the highest security rating for a fence available). The range includes steel mesh and vertical bar designs, a mesh and timber combination and the only timber fence to be certified to LPS 1175 - Jakoustic® Class 3 which is certified to SR3, therefore we are able to provide the right perimeter security solution whatever the requirement.

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    Jacksons Fencing recognises that sustainability encompasses environmental, economic and social issues. Sustainable business practices are given due consideration at each stage of the fencing process and are regularly reviewed to ensure continual improvement. The provision of information and training to employees further ensures the continued future commitment.

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Below is just a small example of the security fencing and gates we manufacture. To view our full range of products, visit our commercial website, Jacksons Security Fencing.

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Are you looking for security fencing for your home or a residential property?

For many households, garden and home security is a big problem that can be addressed by adding protective fencing. If you are looking for a decorative and safe fence or something more imposing, our fencing at Jacksons is built with both beauty and security in mind. Our security fencing comes in a wide range of choices, with each type of fencing having varying security levels.

Domestic Security Fencing

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Our steel security fencing and gates have been designed to provide effective security for a range of low, medium and high security applications, from domestic properties to government sites.

Choose from a range of styles, including vertical bar and welded mesh, all featuring our 25 year guarantee.

Security Fencing

Vertical Bar Fencing

Our vertical bar fencing solutions include our Barbican® range which is designed to offer a more secure alternative to steel palisade fencing. The design employs a strong vertical bar welded pale-through-rail construction with tamper proof fixings to create an attractive and secure security fence. Within the Barbican range we have a varied level of security and decorative styles making it a great choice for a range of applications.

Sentry vertical bar fencing features a welded semi pale-through-rail construction to combine style with security performance and is equally suitable for contemporary or more traditional settings. Like our Barbican system, all Sentry fencing and gate panels incorporate concealed fixings for strength and security.

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Security Fencing

Welded Mesh Fencing

Our welded mesh fencing solution includes our EuroGuard range with different styles available, including flat profile fence with horizontal twin wires, flat profile sports rebound mesh reinforced V mesh fencing v shape profiles for strength and rigidity.

Our welded mesh is constructed using high quality steel and includes zinc aluminium coating and our unique vandal proof panel to post fittings as standard.


Our Securi-Mesh® range of welded mesh panels employs a climb resistant heavy duty mesh with small apertures and welds, meeting specifications including the use of CCTV, and where a visual deterrent is a key consideration.

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Security Fencing

Metal Railings

Metal railings are a popular choice of fence for residential areas and parks, providing perimeter security whilst also being low maintenance. The benefit of using metal railings is that metal is a very versatile material, so there is a huge selection of designs available to suit each application.

Our metal railings provide good levels of security without losing the decorative and traditional edge to enhance the exquisiteness of the property or application the fence has been used to protect.

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Security Fencing

Acoustic Fencing

Noise pollution is ever growing and this has increased the demand of acoustic fencing solutions. We have a wide range of acoustic fencing and we have become first UK manufacturer of timber acoustic barriers which can CE mark both its Jakoustic® Commercial & Highways Reflective system and Jakoustic® Plus Commercial & Highways Absorptive system

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LPS 1175 Security Rated Fencing & Gates

LPCB Security Rated Fencing & Gates

Security rated fencing is integral to any well-planned and effective perimeter security strategy as it provides the reassurance of tested performance against a range of threats. Our LPS 1175 range includes options from A1 against opportunistic attacks to E10 against serious and planned attempts at forced entry.

Safe, Secure, Sustainable Solutions

Jacksons Security Fencing are at the forefront of high security fencing for any environment. Whether you require sports fencing through to intruder deterrent and detection around commercial properties, we can provide a reliable security fencing solution for you.