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Security Fencing

Jacksons are one of the UK's leading manufacturers of security fencing and access systems. We also have a vast high security portfolio that includes Government Approved products (CPNI), LPCB LPS 1175 - Security Rated 3-5 and Secured by Design products Please click on the options below to view the product in more detail on or visit our commercial website directly using the link below:

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    25 Year guarantee

    Softwood Timber Jackured Products are guaranteed against all wood-boring pests and all forms of wet and dry rot for 25 years

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Security Fencing -

Jacksons design and manufacture a large range of security fencing and access systems.  Please click on the options below to view the product in more detail and alternative options.

Steel Security Fencing

Security Fencing

Barbican Defender? projects a powerful visual statement in perimeter protection. The curved pales have been designed to preclude intruders from climbing or scaling the fence, whichever side it is approached.

More on Barbican Defender Fencing


Mesh Security Fencing

Mesh Security Fencing

Where the application specifically demands a mesh design to meet specifications including the use of CCTV, or where a visual deterrent is a primary factor, our Securi Mesh Fencing system and gates provide an ideal solution for a wide variety of high security perimeter and access control applications.
More on Mesh Security Fencing and Gates


Barbican' Security Railings

Security railings

Barbican', our most popular security fence features our rectangular welded tubular pale-through-rail construction for maximum strength and security. The horizontal rails are sleeved on to the vertical posts using concealed fixings to provide a seamless design that is both stylish and incredibly strong.
More on Barbican Fencing and Gates

Tri Guard Security Fencing

Security Fencing

Tri-Guard is an innovative range of security fencing and gates featuring pales with curved tops, set in clusters of three, coupled by feature steel discs to produce a decorative appearance with anti-climb and anti-scale performance.
More on Tri-Guard Security Fencing

Sentry' Round Bar Security Railing 

Sentry Security Fencing

The Sentry' Fence range of fencing and gates feature a welded semi pale-through-rail construction to combine style with performance and is equally suitable for contemporary or more traditional settings. Like our Barbican system, all Sentry Fencing and gate panels incorporate concealed fixings for strength and security.

More on Sentry Fencing and Gates

Barbed Top Steel Fencing

Barbed Security Fencing

The Barbican' Barbed Top security fence with its menacing barbs welded to the top of the vertical pales acts as a highly effective deterrent and barrier to potential intruders. Panels are available in 2.25, 2.5m and 3.0m heights to prevent accidental injuries caused by contact with the protruding spikes.More on Barbed Top Security Fencing

Welded Mesh Security Panels

Welded Mesh

Jacksons Euroguard Welded mesh panels are used from low or medium security applications up to high security perimeter fencing. Our welded mesh panels are Jakcoated in a zinc alloy giving a longer life and featuring our unique, vandal proof, panel to post fittings
More on Welded Mesh Panels

Barbican' Extra High Security Fence

Security Fencing

Barbican' Extra security panels are identical to standard Barbican panels, but with an important difference, the additional pales through the top rail that ensure even the smallest hand or foot cannot gain purchase making it virtually impossible to climb or scale.

More on Barbican Extra

Ornamental Metal Railings

Ornamental metal Fencing

Ornamental Metal railings can provide good levels of security without losing the decorative and traditional edge to enhance the exquisiteness of the property or application the fence has been used to protect.

More on Ornamental Fencing

Barbican' Imperial Vertical Bar Railings 

Security Fence

Classic looks with a less intimidating appearance, Barbican Imperial with its 25mm and 32mm diameter round pales gives you all the advantages of the Barbican range with no decline in strength or security. Barbican Imperial is available with a choice of decorative finials and post tops to present the right solution for even the most prestigious applications.

More on Barbican Imperial

Crash Barriers

crash fence

A wide range of crash rated products available

More on Crash Barriers



Metal and Timber Combination Security FencingSecurity Fence

EuroGuard Combi brings the experience and reputation of our steel and timber fencing together in a design that combines the beauty of our natural timber with the strength and security of our steel Welded Mesh Panels.

More on Euroguard Combi

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