Approved Installers

With a Jacksons Approved Installer, you can be sure that your installation will be carried out to our exacting standards


Every Jacksons Approved Installer commits to meeting the requirements of the Customer Charter and delivering an exceptional service to you, specifically:

1. Dealing with all customers in a professional, lawful and ethical manner, maintaining the highest levels of customer service and after sales care.

2. Visiting and accurately measuring the site before selecting the right Jacksons product(s) to meet the customer’s requirements.

3. Providing the customer with a detailed estimate covering the cost for the work required and a schedule for payments.

4. Maintaining all necessary work skills and knowledge; accept responsibility for the actions of employees, subcontractors and others appointed by the Approved Installer.

5. Maintaining all necessary registrations, licences and public liability insurance.

6. Ensuring all installations are carried out in compliance with the terms of Jacksons Jakcure 25 Year Guarantee and best practice.

7. Offering the Jakcure 25 Year Guarantee on all Jacksons timber products used in the installation.

8. Offering the Approved Installer 12 Month Guarantee on the quality and fitness for purpose of the installation.

9. Working competently and responsibly throughout the duration of the project.

10. Leaving the site clean and tidy throughout the duration of the contract.

11. Addressing any snagging arising both quickly and efficiently.

12. Keep the customer informed on progress and advising on any technical difficulties and delays.

13. Ensure the Customer is satisfied at all times.


If you prefer, you can order your Jacksons products directly from us either over the phone or on this website and select ‘I would like to be contacted regarding Jacksons Fencing's approved installation service’ at checkout before you proceed to payment. On receipt of your order, we will contact you to discuss your installation requirement and arrange for an Approved Installer to get in touch with you.

Where you order directly from Jacksons, your contract for materials and their delivery to your home is with us; if you order your Jacksons materials through an Approved Installer with or without their installation services, your contract for the supply and/or supply and installation of Jacksons materials is with the Approved Installer.

Whichever way you choose, you’ll be glad that you selected a Jacksons product for your home and equally delighted that it was installed by a Jacksons Approved Installer.


If you would like to contact an Approved Installer to discuss a project, simply contact us and we will put you in touch with your local Approved Installer who will respond to you within 48 hours.

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