Residential Gate Automation

Gate Automation gives increased personal security by operating gates from within your car making sure your family and pets will be safe and secure

Automatic Gate Safety is a priority

The Jacksons team pride themselves in only supplying and installing the very best in gate automating equipment.

Along with this advanced technology comes a commitment to safety; all our products come with essential safety features as standard, (meets with the essential health and safety requirements and are properly CE marked as required by law) to ensure all users will be safe at all times and that’s something not all our competitors do.

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Jacksons have been installing automatic gates since 1989, so with years of experience we guarantee to give the highest quality automation products and service to enhance our already excellent metal and timber gate ranges.

There are different ways to automate gates and a great deal of this depends on the style of gate itself in addition to the location of the gate. Some of the advantages can be found below:

  • Automatic Gate Safety devices as standard gate automation
  • No Gates left open!
  • Your family and pets will be safe and secure
  • Increased personal security with gates operated from the safety of your car
  • Increased privacy - no uninvited visitors
  • Greater convenience and improved quality of life
  • Various control options
  • Mains or battery backup option
  • Expert advice and technical backup
  • Variable closing time with up to a 3 minute delay

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Automatic Gate Operator Types and components

There are different ways to automate gates and a great deal of this depends on the style of gate itself in addition to the location of the gate.  Some of the options and explanations of different install options can be found below as well as the impact that safety can have visually on a gate. 

Choices of semi automatic gate operation or a fully automatic gate are available.  An example of a semi automatic gate would be a gate that operates when a button is pushed sending a signal to open or close the gate.  A fully automatic gate would be activated by a device.  This device could be some form of intercom or radio controlled device as examples.  The gate would then open and close within a specific set time.