Anti Trap Bow Top Fencing

Anti-Trap Bow Top Fencing

  • These Fences are perfect for all types of protection and a vital feature when building and improving a childrens play park.
  • Covered by our 25 year service life guarantee.
  • Due to the arrangement of the pales, there is a wider gap between each hoop above the top rail. This means that children cannot get their head, neck or limbs trapped between the bars making it the intelligent choice when fencing a play park or other child oriented area.
  • Wide range of colours available, please call for details.







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RoSPA approved Anti-Trap Bow Top Fencing

Anti-Trap Bow Top railings are perfect for all kinds of permanent protection and are essential when fencing play areas or play grounds. As with standard Bow Top, it's tubular construction with vandal proof connectors still has all the extra strength and no visible joins. The horizontal rails are sleeved on to the fitting on the posts, resulting in a seamless design. But due to the arrangement of the pales, there is a wider gap between each hoop above the top rail. Also know as anti-trap round top or hairpin railings.

This means children can't get their heads, necks or limbs stuck between pales, and the design fully conforms to play fence standards in BS EN 1176. The Self-Closing gate matches this design and is a safer gate for play areas.

Stays looking good

As with all of Jacksons steel products, Anti-Trap Bow Top fencing is made entirely from hot-dip galvanised steel as specified in BS EN 1462.

Covered by our 25 year service life guarantee.

Galvanised as standard or in high visibility coating or any combination of RAL and BS colour coatings to BS 13438 at extra cost, please ask for details.

Technical details

  • Heights: 1m or 1.2m
  • Posts: 60.3mm dia Circular Hollow Section
  • Rails: 50 x 25mm
  • Post centres: 2797mm
  • Pales: 19mm diameter
  • Gate posts: 80 x 80mm
Self-Closing Gate

Self-Closing Gate

RoSPA approved self-closing gate is ideal for schools and play areas

The intelligent design of this self-closing metal gate matches the new safer Anti-Trap bow Top fencing, not just in looks but with it's improved safety factors. The integral hinge at floor level ensures it always returns to a closed position every time it is opened. Limbs can not be trapped between the hanging stile and the posts, or the hoops above the top rail of the gate. The speed of the closing mechanism can be altered to between 1 - 60 seconds, and it also has a soft close feature to prevent slamming or trapping fingers. The gates are available with a high visibility coating to distinguish access in line with RoSPA recommendations. (Other colours are available).

Galvanised as standard or in high visibility coating or any combination of RAL and BS colour coatings to BS 13438 at extra cost, please ask for details.

Special Note: 1.0m (071404AT) & 1.2m (071405AT) Anti-trap Single Bow Top Self Closing Gates require the purchase of the following 2 items:

Self Closing Floor Hinge c/w fittings to attach to gate (stock code 00412)

Self Closing Floor Hinge 

Magnetic Latch complete with 2 keys and fixings (stock code 354330)

Magnetic Latch

Also available with a dog grid to prevent animal access to play areas.

When ordering panels, remember to add 4 connectors (stock code 020000) per panel to connect to posts. If you are planning on connecting panels to walls or require angels in the run, please contact us.


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