Fence Posts

Fence Posts

We manufacture a number of different fence post options in different materials. Choose from square or slotted posts - our flagship Jakposts® - made from treated timber, or our T shaped galvanised metal Mi-T® posts. Our slotted Jakposts® work with the majority of our fence panels and allow the panel to simply slot into the post and be secured into place. Mi-T® posts are available for 2.7m high panels and have the benefit of being almost invisible from the front.

Fence posts are an integral part of fencing; they keep your fence panels standing upright, so they need to be strong to hold the weight of the panels and withstand any harsh winds that may occur.

We also offer heavy duty timber post options for when additional strength is needed.

All our fence posts are covered by our industry leading 25 year guarantee against rot, insect attack, rust, and corrosion, so you can have peace of mind these posts are designed to stand the test of time.

For easy comparison between all of our fence posts, use our fence post comparison tool.

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If you are looking for fence posts that are compatible with our traditional (kit-form) fence systems (i.e. Traditional Featherboard and Palisade), please view the traditional fencing page.

Please note, we do not sell concrete posts.

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Slotted Timber Fence Post
Slotted Fence Posts

Reduce the damage from wind movement with our environmentally friendly and long-lasting alternative to concrete posts using our timber slotted posts.

669300 - HD Slotted
Slotted Heavy Duty Fence Posts

Our slotted heavy duty fence posts collection are ideally suited to taller fence panels up to 2.4m high, trellis toppers or stepping up on slopes.

Metal Garden Fence Panel Posts
Mi-T® Metal Fence Posts

Our metal Mi-T® Posts are for use with our framed fence panels and are covered by our 25-year service life guarantee.

Fence post
Standard (Non Slotted) Wooden Fence Posts

Our standard non-slotted fence posts, wall plates and two way weather capping for our fence panels. All items guaranteed for 25-years.

Post Caps

Perfect for adding a decorative feature to your fencing our post caps are for use with our standard and slotted posts. Planed all round.

Verge Protection Posts
Fence Posts Verge Protection

Our verge marker posts are ideal delineators for highlighting road layouts in rural or urban traffic areas. Made with reflectors for added safety.

Gravel Board on Fence
Fence Gravel Boards

If panels are in contact with the ground, our fence gravel boards are essential in order to qualify for our 25-year timber guarantee.

Fence Capping Rail
Fence Capping Rail

We offer a choice of three different fence capping rails in five variations for use with our fence panels. Great for adding a finishing touch.

Wall Plate holding garden gate
Fence Post Wall Plates

Our sturdy wall plates are made for attaching both our fence panels and garden gates to walls or brick-based surfaces.

Top Selling Products in Fence Posts

Buying multiple products?
Just update the quantities of each item you wish to buy and click 'Add all to basket'
Buying multiple products?
Just update the quantities of each item you wish to buy and click 'Add all to basket'
What is the best timber for fence posts?

The best timber for fence posts is a high-quality, pressure treated softwood, from a carefully selected, quality-checked softwood species. Softwoods are highly durable and strong and are often used within the building industry. It is essential to make sure fence posts have been through a thorough treatment process and have a long guarantee provided by the manufacturer.

What is the strongest fence post?

Metal fence posts are often the strongest fence posts. The strength of a fence post will always be determined by how they are made. Good quality materials and proper treatment will make timber posts just as strong. Usually, a fence fails due to rot or rusting, so look for a product that is guaranteed for a substantial period, like 25 years.

What thickness should fence posts be?

The thickness of a fence post will be determined by the height and style of the fence, and the material it is made from, along with the design of the post. Shorter fences won’t need as much support therefore fence posts can be thinner. We recommend that standard timber garden fence posts should be 100x100mm wide and a slotted design that allows for the panels to be screwed to the post will support the structure of the fence more effectively than square posts. For higher fences, areas prone to strong wind, and steeply stepped hills, then 120 x 124mm slotted posts may be required. Steel posts should have a steel thickness of 6mm.

How long do wooden fence post last?

Wooden fence posts can last 25 years plus, depending on the species and how they are treated. Always look out for a long lifetime guarantee as this will give you an indication of how good the quality of the fence post is and how long they will last.

Should you cement wooden fence posts?

Yes, we recommend concrete or a post fixing mix which is a ready blended cement with additives formulated for setting wooden, concrete, and metal posts into the ground. Explore the benefits of using post fixing mix

Will timber post rots in concrete?

Not if they are treated correctly and the manufacturer's installation instructions are followed to protect them against life in the ground. Timber posts should be set in concrete to ensure they have a solid foundation to support the weight of the fence.

What different types of fence posts are there?

There are many different types of timber fence posts and a few metal fence post options. Most commonly, timber fence posts are either slotted or square. Fence posts can also come in heavy duty versions which are thicker and taller than standard slotted post options. Find out more

Does soil type affect fence post installation?

Yes, the ground conditions and type of soil will affect the installation of a fence post. Some soils will be harder to dig so will impact the length of time it takes to install, whereas other soil types may be free draining or more compact and therefore dictate the amount of post fixing mix used. For more advice read our blog on installing fence posts in different soil types

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