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Balustrade Gates

  • Two styles available 
  • Stylish and idea for use on slopes
  • Fitted within Jackpots
  • Fittings supplied and galvanised
  • Guaranteed for 25 years







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Garden Balustrade for use with decking

Two styles of garden balustrade: the choice is yours. All balustrade styles are made from best quality joinery timber, and treated with the unique Jakcure® treatment process with a 25 year guarantee.

Style 1:

Pre-assembled garden balustrade panel system that gives a finished height of 950mm in a standard width of 1.8m. The vertical pales 75 x 20mm are 100mm apart, which complies with building regulations; fitted with 2 pairs of horizontal rails 75 x 20mm which fit each side of the pales, and fixed into position with timber dowels. These panels, as well as being stylish, are ideal for going up slopes, as they rake to suit any angle of incline.

Style 2:

Again garden balustrade is supplied pre-assembled panels. This system comprises of turned vertical spindles 40 x 40mm, which fit between 2 horizontal rails 70 x 55mm, spaced 100mm apart with specially formed 40 x 30mm T section spacers.

All systems are fitted in Jakposts, either 1060mm high for normal balustrade, or 2.1m if a pergola is to be installed above the deck.

The posts are fitted into galvanised & PPC coated black shoes 100 x 100mm use code (756000) for inter posts & (756010) for end/corner posts upon a base board which is bolted through the deck.

In addition, a capping rail (756800) 3.9m long x 120mm x 21mm is available and should always be used on Style 1 system, and optional and Style 2 system.

  • 1.0m wide opening inwards, fittings included
  • Style 1 - right handed 757900
  • Style 1 - left handed 757990
  • Style 2 - right handed 758900
  • Style 2 - left handed 758990



You will need one infill piece (756350) 2m x 50mm x 25mm per section this will need to be cut to size, this fills the slot in the slotted post, for a neater finish.


Please use Jakcure End Grain Preservative (code 131212) to treat any cut or drilled timber

Balustrade styles

Balustrade is supplied in natural Jakcure (unpainted), but is shown in some of our pictures painted white as this is how many people like to see it finished.

Decking and Balustrade systems can be complex, we welcome your enquiry, so please do not hesitate to contact our sales team for help and advice.

Please use our General Project Enquiry Form.

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Buying multiple products?
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