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Timber Bollards

Timber Bollards are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes suiting both rural and also urban applications. Reflectors to give bollards extra visibility are also available.

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Metal Bollards

Galvanised steel bollards for demarcation, vehicle control, separating pedestrians from traffic and protecting buildings. Stainless steel bollards are also available and are ideally suited for contemporary applications that require bollards for demarcation purposes.

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Further types of metal bollards can be found on our commercial website. You will be automatically directed to our Security Website when you click the links below.

Security Bollards

Crash rated metal security bollards designed and tested to prevent vehicular access to secure areas. Security Bollards are an alternative option to security gates or road blockers. Security bollards can be automated so vehicle access is possible but when raised provide an excellent secure structure.

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Metal Retractable Bollards

Manual and automatic retractable bollards commonly used for access control. Car parks, property restrictions, garages and pedestrian shopping areas that need delivery access are common uses for these metal bollards.

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Verge Protection Posts

Verge Protection marker posts

We can provide other forms of demarcation, including Diamond Rail, Silver Rail, Post & Chain and verge protection posts.