Jacksons A-Z of Fencing Terms

On this page, you will find handy definitions of fencing and associated terms, as well as Jacksons own fencing and gate jargon - from 'cleats' and 'herringbone' to 'noise barriers' and 'picket fencing'.

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  1. Acoustic Fencing - A timber fence / barrier designed to reduce sound and noise pollution.
  2. Alley-Gating - The erection of gates restricting unauthorised individuals to access an alleyway. This in turn is a simple but effective crime deterrent that can reduce burglaries, rubbish dumping, dog fouling and make residents feel safer in their homes.
  3. Accordion Fence - Alternative name for Jaktop fencing. Name originates from the accordion musical instrument.
  4. Arris Rail - A rail used for boarded fencing that has a triangular cross section.
  5. Angle Iron - An angle iron is a piece of metal that is at a 90-degree angle along its length.


  1. Ballast - Can be used with cement to make concrete or as a general building filler.
  2. Balustrade - A decorative panel, usually installed around decking.
  3. Bent Artree gate - An alternative name for Entrance Gate.
  4. Bevelled rail - An alternative name for a Featherboard rail. A bevelled rail is when the top edge of the rail is not perpendicular to the faces of the rail. The top angles of the rail will never be 90°
  5. Bird beak Fencing - An alternative name for Diamond Rail / Birdsmouth Fencing.
  6. Birdsmouth Post / Fencing - A wooden post with a "v" shape cut into the top, the shape of a Birdsmouth / birdsbeak. This allows a rail, the shape of a diamond to sit into the post creating Diamond Rail fencing. Alternative names for this fencing are knee high fencing, Birdsmouth or Birdsbeak Fencing.
  7. Bollards - Used as a form of demarcation device or to close off roads or paths from vehicles above a certain width to separate traffic from pedestrians.


  1. Cant rail - Cant is the difference in elevation (height) between the two edges. Water will run off the rail.
  2. Cantilever Gate - A Cantilever Gate is a sliding gate that overhangs across an entrance without the need for a track along the path of the opening gate.
  3. Capping Rail - Used to stop water soaking into fence and also used for decorative purposes.
  4. Cattle Mesh -An Alternative name for stock fencing.
  5. Centre Gate Stop - A centre gate stop is placed in the ground, stopping the gates from swinging too far back when they are closed.
  6. Chain Link - A diamond shape metal woven fence galvanised or galvanised and PVC Coated
  7. Chestnut Fencing - Cost affective, traditional fencing produced from British Chestnut. Cannot be treated as it is a hardwood. Sometimes know as Cleft Chestnut Fencing.
  8. Cleats - A short length of angle iron which is used as a metal bracket.
  9. Cheshire Railings - A railing similar to estate railings, but the top is curved over. We currently cant match this style of railing.
  10. Cleft Fencing - Wood is divided or split; partly divided or split.
  11. Closeboard Fencing - An alternative name for Featherboard fencing
  12. Continuous bar railings/fencing - Alternative name for estate railings
  13. Corstag fencing - Corstag Fencing consists of high tensile line wires braced with Dropper bars for extra strength. Also known as dropper fencing. Alternatives are stock fencing and chainlink
  14. Counter Rail - Is used at the back of traditional Featherboard fencing giving support to the capping.
  15. Courtyard Gate - Superior Heavy Gate for enhanced security and privacy, creating a Grand Entrance.
  16. Crundale Gate - A Jacksons product superseded by the Brabourne boarded garden gate.
  17. Cundy Fencing Post - A Cundy Fence post is an alternative name for a stake and is are very popular for stock fencing.
  18. C Gate - A Self Closing Gate in the shape of the letter "C" as an alternative to a traditional metal kissing field gate designed by Jacksons Fencing.
  19. C Mix - A polyester resin used for fixing studding into concrete.


  1. Decking - a flooring constructed out of timber boards to use outside to create an open living space.
  2. Decking Boards - Timber boards put together to make decking.
  3. Decking Kits - A quick and easy way to construct a deck.
  4. Decking Stringer - The structural part of a stairway that supports the treads and risers, decking boards are required to complete the stringer steps (treads and risers).
  5. Decorative Fencing - Fencing that is not only used as a divide but is a garden feature
  6. Demarcation - Creating a boundary around an object or place.
  7. Diamond Rail Fence - An effective fence to delineate a boundary. Normally this fencing is knee height and is constructed from a Birdsmouth Post,a Diamond Rail and a galvanised strap to attach the rail to a post.
  8. Diamond Trellis - Attractive high quality trellis panels, for creating screened areas or enclosures. Trellis where the timbers of the panels are crossed to make diamond shapes.
  9. Dog Fencing - A secure fence that will enclose a dog.
  10. Driveway Gates - Quality planed softwood gates for the field or Driveway
  11. Dropper Fencing - An alternative name for Corstag Fencing. Alternatives are stock and chainlink fencing
  12. Drop Bolt - Gate Fitting to allow gate to be secured in either the open or closed position.


  1. Electric Fencing - A fence commonly used as a form of protection for livestock or pets.
  2. Electric Gates - An alternative name for Automated Gates or Gate Automation. Not associated with electric fencing.
  3. End Grain Preservation - Protects the cut ends of timber also known as Jakcure.
  4. Entrance Gate - A gate used to secure an entrance to a property or a driveway. "Entrance" is the term commonly used to cover Courtyard, Driveway and Drive Gates.
  5. Estate Railings - Ideally used around estates or parks. The fencing is constructed out of strong metal tube adding extra strength to the fence. Sometimes known as Park Railings.


  1. Farm Gate - A gate used to access fields or a farm. See Universal Field Gates or for a metal alternative, Heavy Metal Field Gate.
  2. Featherboard - Popular fencing available in Panel and Traditional form. Sometimes known as Closeboard or Featheredge.
  3. Featheredge - An alternative name for Featherboard fencing or Closeboard Fencing.
  4. Fence Boards - Usually referring to the boards that create Featherboard fencing.
  5. Fence Post Supports - A post support that is inserted into the ground.
  6. Fence Spikes - Spikes attached to the top of a fence or even a wall to stop people climbing.
  7. Field Gate - May be known as a Farm Gate. Timber field Gates and also Heavy Metal Field Gates are available from Jacksons.


  1. Gate Post - A post designed to support a gate.
  2. Gate Post Protector - Concrete domes to protect gate posts against for vehicles.
  3. Ginnel Gate - A Gate at the end of an Alleyway or passageway thats between two buildings. (See Alley-Gating.) The word "Ginnel" is a northern dialect for an alleyway or a passageway.
  4. Gravel Board - When installing a fence, timber gravel boards are inserted between the ground and the fencing. This stops the fence from sitting on the ground and can also give it extra height.


  1. H Shaped fence Post- A slotted post in the shape of the letter "H". We call these timber slotted posts (Jakposts)
  2. Hinge - A hinge in this case normally supporting a gate is a type of bearing that connects a gate to a wall plate or gate post. The hinge allows a limited angle of rotation so the gate can be opened or closed.
  3. Hit and Miss Fencing - A wooden panel constructed from two layers of timber boards offset from each other. Can be useful as allows some wind to pass through the panel.
  4. Hazel Fencing - Traditional fence woven from hazel. Jacksons do not produce this type of fencing as the quality and durability of the fencing is not guaranteed. An Ex Jacksons Product.
  5. Hairpin - also known as hoop top, bow top or loop top railings.
  6. Herringbone - pales installed diagonally in a chevron pattern.


  1. Interwoven Panels - An old style of fencing, now superseded by Hit & Miss fencing.
  2. I Beam - Post used on our Jakoustic Highway, it helps prevents bending and holds up against wind pressures.


  1. Jakcure - The ultimate softwood preservation treatment, conforms to BSEN599 part1 and BSEN335. Making the timber last much longer with a 25 year guarantee. The Jakcure process.
  2. Jakoustic Fencing - Jacksons brand of Acoustic Fencing.
  3. Jakwall - Jacksons unique "brick effect" timber retaining wall.
  4. Jaktop Fence - A traditional diamond shape design fence.


  1. Kissing Gate- A gate designed to let people through without letting livestock out, Jacksons manufacture both Metal and timber styles.
  2. Knee Rail Fence - An alternative name for Diamond Rail Fencing.


  1. Lap Panel Fencing - Lap panels (sometimes known as overlap panels) are popular fencing panels but usually lack in quality. This is the main reason Jacksons do not manufacture Lap panels.
  2. Lattice Trellis - Trellis where the timber consists of a crisscrossed pattern leaving only Small Square in between the timbers.
  3. Lincolnshire Fencing - A cross style between our special heavy post and rail and our square sawn morticed post and rail fencing.
  4. Line Wire - A tensioning wire used with chain link and Welded Mesh fencing.
  5. Loop over catch - Used to secure a pair of gate leafs when the gate is closed.
  6. Loop top - also known as bow top, hairpin or hoop top railings.


  1. Magnetic Latch - A latch to keep a gate closed.
  2. Met Posts - A name for a post spike. Jacksons do not sell met posts as they are typically not galvanised so will rust, they are difficult to drive into the ground accurately and the cost when compared to a wooden post is excessive.


  1. Netting - In fencing terms a wire net used to cage Poultry, create small animal runs and a use for agricultural and a general purpose netting.
  2. Noise Barriers - Barrier solution to reduce noise pollution.


  1. Octowood Fence - Octowood is set to revolutionise the equestrian and agricultural fencing market by replacing half round post and rail fencing, with a system that is both stronger and faster to install.
  2. Osier panels - Another natural woven panel. Similar to Wattle fencing and very attractive. Produced from Willow. Cannot be guaranteed and this is why Jacksons do not manufacture.
  3. Overlap Panel Fencing - An alternative name for Lap Panel fencing.


  1. Pale Fence - Alternative name given to Timber Palisade Fencing.
  2. Park Railings - Known as Estate Railings. See Estate Railings.
  3. Postcrete - A ready made mixture of concrete.
  4. Post and Rail - A popular open style fencing mainly used for agricultural projects and on farms. Constructed from posts and attached to those posts are the rails.
  5. Post Support - Adjustable support, for use on self supporting structures only i.e. pergolas.
  6. Palisade Fencing- A palisade fence is a steel or wooden fence manufactured from vertical pales with gaps in between. The design comes from palisade wall used throughout history as defensive structures.
  7. Picket Fencing - An alternative name for Wooden Palisade Fencing. Normally shorter than palisade fencing positioned a round a property.
  8. Paddock Fencing - An alternative name for Post & Rail Fencing.
  9. Playtime Fencing - Jacksons RosPa approved fencing in timber and steel for school, playground and play area applications where security, safety, durability and sustainability are key considerations.
  10. Planters - Wooden structures manufactured to contain soil for planting plants and flowers.


  1. Rabbit Netting - galvanised Wire Netting
  2. Ranch Fencing - Alternative name for Post and Rail Fencing.
  3. Ranch Gate - Alternative name for Field Gate.
  4. Reeded Panels - A discontinued Jacksons product, no longer available.
  5. ROW - Rights of Way - Public Footpaths and Bridleways.
  6. RoSPA - The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) provide health and safety training and aim to save lives and reduce injuries by promoting safety at work, in the home, on the roads, in schools, at leisure and on or near water.


  1. Side Gate - A garden gate positioned at the side of a property stopping public access to the back of a property.
  2. Shadowbox Fence - An alternative name for vertical Hit and Miss Fencing. The name is used more often in America than the UK and the fencing is usually not as higher quality as our hit and miss panels as its constructed from cheap alternating boards nailed to rails.
  3. Sheep Wire - Stock Fencing. Sheep Fence 900mm (Galfan coated) B6/90/30 & C6/90/30
  4. Slotted Posts - Slotted Fence posts are a modern alternative to standard fence posts where a slot has been created so panels designed for the posts can slot into the post rather than using traditional methods to attach the panels to posts. Jakposts are Jacksons brand name for slotted posts.
  5. Snicket Gate - A Gate at the end of an Alleyway. (See Alley-Gating.) A "Snicket" is an alternative name for an alleyway or short cut commonly used in the north of England.
  6. Split Rail Fence - Split Rail Fencing is the same as Post and Rail Fencing but normally constructed from logs. The logs are slit lengthways to create rails. Split Rail is sometimes known as log fencing and the name is more commonly used in the United States. A modern alternative produced by Jacksons is Special Post and Heavy Rail Fencing.
  7. Spur Post - A post installed close to another post as a support.
  8. Sunbeam Panels - A discontinued Jacksons product, no longer available.
  9. Swan Neck Gates - Swan Neck Gates are entrance or driveway gates that have the same style top as our Hythe gates or Railing Panel gates.
  10. Security Toppings - Sometimes known as Security Extras, these are the extra devices that are placed on top of fencing or walls to give them extra security.


  1. T Hinges - Gate hinge, in the shape of the letter "T". At Jacksons we don’t use ‘T” hinges on garden gates, because of the situation of wear and tear that a gate will be subject to. We feel that the hinges should always be adjustable and heavily galvanised.
  2. Tree Stakes - A wooden stake used to support and protect trees, normally younger trees promoting the growth of the tree root trunk.
  3. Trellis Panels - Fencing panels that are manufactured with crossed pieces of wood so the panels can support climbing plants. There are different styles of trellis including standard, diamond and lattice.


  1. Uni Gate - "Uni" in Uni gates stands for "Universal". Universal gates can be hung from the right or left. Used as a Driveway gate or a Field Gate.


  1. Wall Plates - Used to attach a gate to a wall rather than a gate post.
  2. Wattle Fencing - Traditional fence woven from either hazel or willow.
  3. Welded Mesh - Mesh fencing, available in different sizes. Light mesh is ideal for pet cages, puppy runs and aviaries, other uses include greenhouse staging for making trays, baskets and seeding guards. Larger for tennis courts, sports fencing, security etc.
  4. Wicket Fencing - An alternative name for Palisade or Picket Fencing and Gates.
  5. Wire Mesh Fencing - Covers a considerable range of fencing types from agricultural wire mesh or netting, to commercial welded mesh fencing, and strong and versatile mesh security fencing.
  6. Willow Panels - Panels that are extremely attractive because of the material used. There is a high content of the “sapwood” (the part of the tree that takes food to the leaves) and because of this they will have a very short life span. Jacksons do not supply these panels for this reason. Also known as Osier Panels.
  7. Woven Panels - New Design Woven Panel, looks good both sides.


  1. Yeoman Gates - Alternative name for Entrance gate.