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    Every Jacksons product is designed with safety in mind; from the foundation calculations, to the pale spacing in fencing and gates to the fittings used and the expert installation services provided.

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    Jacksons was one of the first fencing manufacturers to have products developed and tested to LPS 1175 and remains the only fencing and gate manufacturer able to offer certified products from LPS 1175 SR1 through to LPS 1175 SR5 (the highest security rating for a fence available). The range includes steel mesh and vertical bar designs, a mesh and timber combination and the only timber fence to be certified to LPS 1175 - Jakoustic® Class 3 which is certified to SR3, therefore we are able to provide the right perimeter security solution whatever the requirement.

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    Jacksons Fencing recognises that sustainability encompasses environmental, economic and social issues. Sustainable business practices are given due consideration at each stage of the fencing process and are regularly reviewed to ensure continual improvement. The provision of information and training to employees further ensures the continued future commitment.

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The growing impact of noise on people, planning and architecture has increased demand for acoustic fencing solutions across a wide variety of applications, including housing. Jacksons Jakoustic® fence barrier and gate system was specifically designed to deliver good noise reduction performance, sustainability, security and most importantly, to blend in with the surrounding environment.

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We offer acoustic solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, railway and highway applications that can reduce noise levels by as much as 32 decibels.

Acoustic Brochure

Case Study

Jacksons Absorptive Acoustic fencing reduces noise impact on local residents from inner city supermarkets.