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Closeboard Fencing

A timeless, elegant, handcrafted fence for the discerning garden enthusiast.


Closeboard fencing is popular for its strength, versatility, and simple, timeless appearance. It is often described as one of the most cost effective types of fencing due to the solid timber posts, rails and pales which; if quality materials are used, provide real value for money over the lifetime of the fence.

At Jacksons we believe garden fences are supposed to bring structure and definition to outdoor spaces, which is why it’s so important to choose a garden fence that complements your garden style and personality, whether it’s classic and timeless or modern and contemporary. The basic timber vertical slats of a closeboard fence represent simplicity and allow you to really experiment with your garden by creating a natural backdrop, because a closeboard fence will always bring it back to its traditional roots. (Bear this in mind if you regularly like to change your garden design, but don’t want to change the fence to match). This style of fencing is traditional and versatile, ideal for complementing a range of different home designs and garden landscapes of all shapes and sizes.

Closeboard fencing range

View the different styles of closeboard fencing and closeboard fence panels below. All our featherboard fencing can be purchased online or over the phone.

Cant Rails or Arris Rails?

Closeboard fencing in more detail:

Arris rails have a triangular cross-section, while cant rails are almost rectangular, with the top edge sawn to allow rainwater to run off. Generally, arris rails have ‘tongues’ cut at their ends which fit into slots cut in the posts. The tongues take the full weight of the force on the fence, so they often break after time.

At Jacksons our closeboard fencing is constructed using cant rails, as posts are recessed to allow the cant rails to slot in, offering a snug fit. This means the rails themselves are stronger because they don’t have any narrow parts that could break easily, creating a stronger fence overall. Whichever fence rail you choose, make sure it has a bevel that allows rainwater to run off, rather than sit and soak into your fence.

What are some of the key benefits of this style of fencing?

Closeboard fencing makes an ideal privacy fence

Very popular design

Cost effective and easy to install

Offers wind resistance

Secures your garden boundary

Pressure treated timber (25 year guarantee)

Ideal for uneven landscaping e.g. sloping grounds and hills, or corners

This is Jacksons Fencing

We have developed this short film to showcase our unique processes which go into crafting our timber fencing, garden gates and accessories. It is these processes that allow us to offer our market leading 25 year guarantee and helped to establish our reputation for quality, service and our ability to make every garden beautiful.