Guaranteed for 25 years

Closeboard Fencing

A timeless, elegant, handcrafted panel for the discerning garden enthusiast.


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All Featherboard fencing can be purchased online.

Closeboard fencing is renowned for its strength and versatility without sacrificing its appearance.

Often described as being one of the most cost effective types of fencing, due to the solid timber posts and rails which; if quality materials are used provide real value for money over the lifetime of the fence.

At Jacksons we believe garden fences are supposed to bring structure and definition to outdoor space, which is why it’s so important to choose a garden fence that complements your garden style and personality, whether its classic and timeless or modern and contemporary. The basic timber vertical slats of a close board fence represent simplicity and allow you to really experiment with your garden without it looking too lavish, because a close board fence will always bring it back to its traditional roots. (Bear this in mind if you regularly like to change your garden design, but don’t always want to change the fence to match). This style of fencing is traditional and versatile, known to complement a range of different home designs and garden landscapes of all shapes and sizes.

Cant Rails over Arris Rails every time

Closeboard fencing in more detail:

After manufacturing timber fencing for 70-years we can speak with authority on how fence panels, rails, pales, fence boards and alike are best made, after all we have the experience. At Jacksons our closeboard fencing is constructed using cant rails which are mounted then nailed directly into posts because we believe in maintaining the integrity of the timber we use making it easy to install by nailing directly into the panel.

Using an Arris Rail is made with an angle at the top to allow rain or sleet to run away from your fence but in reality this should not be an issue; if you buy pressure treated timber with a 25-year guarantee which protects against all wood-boring pests and all forms of wet and dry rot.

At Jacksons Fencing we refer to closeboard as featherboard fencing.

What are some of the key benefits this style panel?

Closeboard makes an ideal privacy fence

Very popular design

Cost effective and easy to install

Offers wind resistance

Secures your garden boundary

Pressure treated timber (25 year guarantee)

Ideal for uneven landscaping e.g. sloping grounds and hills or corners


Do you erect the fence yourself or use an expert installer? Either will be fine as long as the job is done correctly to ensure the longest life. Erecting a fence may seem like straightforward work; however there are many aspects which need to be taken considered.

E.g. how tall the fence can be, what materials need to be used, as neighbours who gets the better looking side of the fence and how far does a fence have to be set back from roads and walkways.

 The list goes on, if your a fencing expert then you should have no trouble with erecting a fence yourself, however if not, its best to use an installer who will take care of the whole process and provide you with peace of mind. Jacksons have a whole fleet of Approved Installers around the country that are specially trained to install our products.

Planning Permission

You may need to seek planning permission if the fence exceeds 2 meters; however factors such as closeness to road and location may alter this, so it’s best to check your local council’s website.

Alternatively our fleet of Approved Installers know their stuff and will take care of this process when installing your garden fence. For more information and advice on this visit our blog: Boundary disputes - knowing where to draw the line, where we discuss how high a fence can be and who owns which side of the fence. During the early stages of buying a new garden fence, it’s best to have a friendly conversation with the neighbours to make sure there happy with your plans. After all they will view half of the fence from their garden and they may disagree with the colour or design so considering a fencing style which is ‘good both sides’ like Chilham or Hit and Miss can make a real difference to the overall outcome.

Do I need a Gravel Board?

A Gravel board should be used when panels are in contact with the ground and to comply with our 25 year Jakcure® guarantee. Using a gravel board will increase the level of protection the fence panel receives, aswell as adding a stylish finish and extra height. Jacksons produce a standard gravel board and a hedgehog friendly gravel board; both are guaranteed to last for 25-years.

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