Fence Toppers

Fence toppers in a range of classic and modern designs, to increase security, extend fence height or add privacy. Crafted from premium quality timber and steel with a 25 year guarantee.

Fence toppers have many purposes, from increasing security, extending the height, adding privacy and creating a customised design, fence toppers can really improve the look of your fence. From fence top trellis to short slatted panels, we have a wide range of options to choose from, depending on your own requirements for your garden.

Fence Topper Range

The most common size for a fence topper is 0.30m, which works well with any panel up to 1.52m high and a gravel board in order to comply with any height restrictions of 2 metres. Browse the range below.

Below are some popular combinations of fence toppers and fence panels that work well together.

Chilham and Railing Topper

1.22m high Chilham panels work well with any of our railing toppers which are 0.45m high. With a gravel board (0.14m) this creates a fence that is 1.82m high.

Chilham PanelsRailing Toppers

Featherboard and square trellis

For a timeless look, combine a 1.50m high Featherboard panel with 0.30m high Square Trellis. An inexpensive way to add more interest to your fence.

Featherboard PanelsSquare Trellis

Featherboard panel and venetian topper

Venetian and Featherboard fencing are so versatile that they go together perfectly. Try pairing a 1.50m Featherboard panel with a 0.61m Venetian fence topper.

Featherboard PanelsVenetian Toppers

Tongue and groove with diamond trellis

Tongue and Groove fence panels look great with trellis toppers. We love the look of this 1.52m high panel and 0.30m high diamond trellis.

Tongue & Groove PanelsDiamond Trellis

Installing fence toppers

With our slotted post system (Jakposts) installing fence toppers could not be simpler, just slide them in on top of your fence and screw in each side to secure.

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Trellis Panel in Slotted Posts

Need some inspiration?

Below are some of our favourite customer projects where fence panels have been customised with the addition of fence toppers.

Fencing and Trellis

Creating a high end surrey garden

A house extension and garden renovation inspired a better use of garden space, using Tongue and Groove fence panels and Premier Square Trellis.

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Chilham and Lattice Trellis

Coastal home installs weather resistant fence

Chilham fence panels and Lattice Trellis fence toppers transform this coastal garden.

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Venetian fence toppers

Great minds think alike

By combining a solid fence panel and slatted Venetian fence topper, one garden designer created a DIY version of our Canterbury Combi fence design.

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Trellis Fence Toppers

Fence Top Trellis

View our whole range of fence top trellis, with square, diamond, lattice and tartan designs that can be installed on top of fence panels and walls.

Fence Top Trellis
Simple is sometimes best

Capping Rails and Post Caps

Sometimes, a simple capping rail or post caps can add enough of a finishing touch. With 3 different capping rail designs, and 4 different post caps to choose from, you can customise your fence however you like. Browse our range of accessories below.

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Don't forget

Planning permission for fence toppers

You may need planning permission for your fence. Read our advice for installing a fence to the appropriate height and find out when you need planning permission.

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