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Fence top trellis

Adding fence toppers or trellis to existing fence panels or walls is a common customisation that can improve the appearance of your fence, and also increase privacy and security. The possibilities are endless with our ranges of fence top trellis and fence topper panels, from extending boundaries to adding a decorative feature to your garden. Fence toppers can be attached to both fence panels and walls, and slide easily into our slotted posts. Consider traditional trellis fence toppers, which allow light to pass through and are great for growing climbing plants, or opt for a more modern slatted fence topper such as Venetian to add style and increase privacy without blocking light.

Our fence top trellis comes in a range of styles, from close-knit lattice trellis which offers increased privacy, curved trellis which effortlessly changes the shape of your fence, distinctive tartan trellis to add unique style, or traditional square and diamond fence top trellis for a classic look.

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Advantages of Trellis

  • Add extra height to a fence, without reducing light
  • Increase fence height making the fence more difficult to climb
  • Add decorative feature that will make your fence panels look more aesthetically pleasing 
  • Help support climbing plants with trellis and extend your greenery

Popular combinations

Tongue and Groove Panel with Premier Square, Diamond or Lattice Topper panels

Tongue and Groove with Arch Top Trellis

Featherboard with Square Trellis

Chilham with Premier Square, Diamond or Lattice Topper panels (this has the advantage of looking good both sides)

Trellis Panel in Slotted Posts

Most commonly 0.30m or 0.43m high trellis panels are used as trellis toppers with 1.52m or sometimes 1.65m fence panels though there are many different trellis types to choose from. Remember that a gravel board needs to be included so, this will raise the height of the fence by another 150mm. If you fence and trellis topper exceeds 2m you may need to get planning permission so be careful not to go over.

We recommend using slotted Jakposts when adding trellis toppers to a fence, it makes the whole fencing run much more secure and stable and also easy to install. It also has the advantage that the panels can be secured to the posts with screws stopping people from easily lifting the panels out while at the same time, holding the whole fence together.

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Fence Top Trellis

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