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Our premium quality slatted fencing is guaranteed for 25 years

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    25 Year guarantee

    Softwood Timber Jackured Products are guaranteed against all wood-boring pests and all forms of wet and dry rot for 25 years

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Slatted fencing gives a contemporary look to an outdoor space.

Available in different levels of privacy, our slatted fence panels can be used as screening, standalone garden features or as a garden fence. All our timber slatted fencing is guaranteed for 25 years against rot and insect attack. 

One of our most popular panels, Venetian Hit and Miss is often chosen by garden designers who seek a natural modern look for their garden designs. Both our Venetian Hit and Miss and Metro fence panels are modular in design so can be combined to create desired heights. For vertical slatted fence panels opt of our Urban panel which can be installed vertically so the pales run from top to bottom.

Venetian Hit and Miss

Offering the most privacy out of all our slatted fence panels, Venetian Hit and Miss is modular in design so you are able to combine two to get the desired height.

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Venetian slatted fence panels are made up of 45mm horizontal rails with 15mm gaps in between. Venetian fence panels are great for screening or for us with climbing plants.

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Our latest addition to our slatted fence panel range, Urban offers a modern look with good levels of privacy, not to mention it looks good on both sides.

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Woven is a more traditional slatted fence panel, made up of interwoven timber slats. At home in rural gardens, this fence panel adds something different to a garden.

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Louvre consists of thick timber slats that are secured at an angle to offer more privacy and sleek look

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Metro is our answer to a continual slatted fence with good levels of support. Pales are attached to the front of the posts, making them visible.

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