good both sides

double sided fence panels

Our double sided fence panels are the ideal fence panel for garden with shared boundary

Good both sides, double sided, or no rail fence panels are all names we give to panels that look the same on both sides. Most commonly, you will have to have a rail or two to strengthen the fence panels and to attach pales to. With doubled sided fence panels the rails are concealed within the panel allowing the same design on both sides.

Double sided panel range


Our unique Chilham design was developed so we can offer you a premium fencing panel that has no rails on either side to spoil either yours or your neighbour’s view.

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Urban is the only panel that has a similar and not exactly the same design on both sides. One side of the panel will begin with two narrow pale followed by one wide pale whilst the alternative side will start one wide followed by two narrow pales.

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The Woven panel has been created by weaving the pales around the rails therefore concealing the rails within the panel itself.

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Double sided slatted fence panel

Hit and Miss

Our Hit and Miss panels feature pales that are alternatively fixed to the front and back of the panel with the rails inside the panel instead of on one side.

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Double sided slatted fence panel

Venetian Hit and Miss

A variation of our Venetian fence panel, our Venetian Hit and Miss design is a double sided slatted fence panel, which has horizontal slats that are usually only on the front of Venetian are also on the other side. These are fixed to cover the space between the slats on the first side with the slats alternating, in much the same way as hit and miss panels are made.

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Benefits of a double sided fence panel

  • Better security - with no rails to be used as climbing aids, burglars will find it harder to scale your fence.

  • Both you and your neighbour get the 'good side' of the fence

  • More strength - often double sided panels combine two panels together which can give the strength of two panels

  • Easier installation - doesn't matter what side goes which way as they are both the same

No Rails Fence Panels


One of our Approved Installers, Garden Fencing London, installed over 300 metres of Chilham panels to provide a solution that looks good on both sides of the fence.

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Double Sided Fence Panels

Happy neighbour both sides of the fence

A joint venture between two customers who chose a Chilham fencing run. Both customers were extremely happy with the panels and their 'good both sides' appearance.

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Good both sides


Garden designer uses double sided Chilham panel to create beautiful garden.

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