Save money by installing pressure treated timber fencing

Every year we are contacted by thousands of people who are distressed, worried and anxious because their fencing has fallen down in last nights storm. Often broken fencing is old, poorly installed and rotten from the inside out because it was not pressure treated so when they approach us their first concern is to re-secure the area with a new boundary fence.

You may wonder ‘how long will untreated timber fencing last for?

Typically 4-8 years dependent upon the species of timber, location of install, quality of installation and weather conditions.

Replacing timber fencing can be an expensive project, especially if you’re doing so every 4-8 years due to poor quality untreated timber so, lets explore how you can save money by installing pressure treated timber fencing and why we believe this to be a more cost effective solution.

What is pressure treated timber and why is it better?

The pressure treatment process is a procedure that involves the pressurised insertion and delivery of preservative concentrate through the sapwood of the timber, which as the ‘living’ outermost section of the wood, that is most likely to become adversely affected by the challenges of the outdoor environment, right through and into the heartwood, which although technically dead, is still susceptible to rot and damage caused by wood-boring pests.

Pressure treated timber fence post vs untreated rotten fence posts

Fence post vs rotten fence post

The insertion of a protective concentrate means the timber cannot be penetrated by rot or insect attack unlike untreated timber which can rot from the inside out, then making it highly susceptible to harsh weather conditions.

The definitive guide to quality timber treatment

[Did you know: heartwood is wood that as a result of a naturally occurring chemical transformation process has become more resistant to decay. Sapwood is the younger, outermost wood on the tree which is essential for carrying water and sugars from the roots to the leaves.]

How will installing pressure treated timber fencing save you money?

The simple answer is if you adopt a long-term view, using pressure treated timber represents a low life time cost. Yes, the initial monetary investment may be slightly higher when compared to untreated timber fencing, however over a 25-year period if you factor in the cost of having to replace rotten timber and possibly the fence posts plus the labour then pressure treated timber.

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