Most homeowners conventionally consider upgrading their homes interior through the installation of a new bathroom, kitchen or even an extension. However, one aspect often overlooked is the effect of installing a new garden fence on increasing the value of your home. A recent survey undertaken by The Telegraph suggests fencing, when installed professionally, can increase a property’s value by approximately twenty per cent.

For the garden enthusiast and homeowner, a garden fence is an essential addition, which can help to form the foundation of an aesthetically pleasing and comprehensive landscape design, but is an idea often not considered by those aiming to sell their property as a means of creating added value.

A strong and sturdy garden fence offers a multitude of benefits to prospective buyers; for instance, people with pets or young children would likely require a fence that ensures their garden is safe and secure. This often offers something many may regard as more valuable than money, peace of mind.


Another significant factor which increases the appeal of a garden fence is privacy. If you live by a main road or in a populated neighbourhood, or maybe you are considering installing a hot tub, a fence can act as an effective method of shielding your property from prying neighbours without detracting from your home’s appearance. This can prove significantly appealing to any potential buyers as it’s hard to put a price on privacy.

Traditional Featherboard fencing

Finally, a fence can be used to define the space in your garden and truly transform its appearance to give shape, definition and purpose to your property. If done correctly, effective use of fencing can not only attractively frame your garden but make it appear larger. This is why it’s not only the design process and quality of materials used that matter, but its dependent on how skilfully the fence is utilised to create an intriguing outdoor space.

It is important to consider a number of factors when installing a new fencing. Selecting the right materials is paramount and, generally speaking, a chain link or vinyl fence will not prove as aesthetically pleasing as a timber one, which offers a natural organic appearance.

Nevertheless, poor quality timber products are rife and can prove as ineffective as other materials when creating an alluring garden due to the low grade timber and automated manufacturing processes. Often, wooden fence panels purchased at home improvement stores will be of lower quality and begin to warp after only a few years, making the garden seem worn and unappealing. That’s why we recommend installing a high quality treated timber fencing, as our 25 year timber guarantee means you can be confident that your new fence will compliment the exterior presentation of your home for many years.

Modern style adds value

The style of a fence is another crucial element when adding value to your home. Installing a design that compliments the aesthetics of the surrounding area is pivotal in situating your property appropriately and that’s why Jacksons offer a wide range of both modern and traditional panels; to ensure you can find a design that perfectly encapsulates the architectural style of your local area. For example, our unique Woven panel incorporates a contemporary twist on a traditionally rural panel design, crafted with the contours of the countryside landscape in mind to produce a modern take on a conventional style.

Jacksons Woven fence panels

 We advise considering ways in which your garden could be renovated to compliment a new fence, and vice versa. Updating every aspect of your garden can be crucial as new fence panels often draw attention to the older worn out areas of your outdoor space if the rest of your garden isn’t updated to a similar standard. This is why many people employ landscape gardeners to ensure that their garden is harmonised and each aspects compliments one another. Alternatively, there are cost-effective measure to reinvigorate your garden, such as installing fresh flower beds using Jacksons’ Timber Sleepers and a selection of vibrant flowers to enrich your property’s exterior.

Whatever fence you decide to buy, we recommend always consulting a surveyor to ensure you operate within your garden boundary to avoid possible conflict with neighbours, which could ultimately slow down the sale of your home if you’re involved in existing boundary disputes. If you take all these factors into consideration when installing a garden fence then it could make a positive difference to improving the saleability and even add value to your property. At Jacksons, we believe in high quality fencing with low lifetime costs, making a contemporary garden landscape a noteworthy investment opportunity.