Key considerations for feather edge panels

Helping You Choose Feather Edge Fencing

We discuss commonly asked questions our customers often want to know about when choosing a Feather Edge fence. 

What is important to know?

Helping you choose feather edge fencing

Feather edge fencing is made up of vertical timber pales that partially overlap giving the panel the appearance of a feathered edge. Feather edge fencing is also called, Featherboard or Closeboard fencing. It’s supplied in a sawn (rough) finish and is used very frequently as garden fencing.

Feather edge fencing can come in panel form, which is premade panels that are installed with slotted fence posts. Or traditional or kit form fencing, that is supplied with individual components that is made during the installation.

Most fencing manufacturers will supply a feather edge panel and with all the options available, how do you choose which product to go for?