From plant selection and outdoor kitchens to garden furniture and lighting, there are many ways to keep a garden current. A simple and effective way of achieving a fresh and contemporary look is with fencing. Jacksons range of fence panels are diverse and will help your garden achieve that aspiration factor.

Our Venetian fencing panels give a modern and stylish look that allows light to flow through, creating an open and attractive space. Alternatively our Woven panels provide you with a craft look that allows light to filter through while maintaining a degree of privacy.

In the past people would paint their fencing to protect the timber against the elements. Due to the quality of Jacksons products this is no longer necessary, and the only use our products have for paint now is to add style to your fencing.

Simply painting your fencing a different colour can bring your outdoor space up-to-date. We’re seeing more and more customers painting their Jacksons’ fencing. Popular colours for a contemporary garden are black, grey and white-washing.

Painting fence panels in matt black is a striking and bold look that will transform any garden into an ultra-modern outdoor space. The solid black presents an impressive back-drop for your plants, making them stand out in a way that more traditional colours can’t.

For a slightly softer look use a dark grey to create a similar framing effect, without quite so much drama. Grey shades work well in the often overcast British climate, subtly blending in with the weather.

A garden full of colourful flowers provides a contrasting backdrop. In the image above you can see Jacksons’ Venetian and Tongue and Groove fence panels complementing the garden’s foliage in a dark grey.

In direct contrast to painting your fencing in black, use chalky white colours to give your garden a rustic yet contemporary aesthetic. Using white is ideal if your garden is slightly shady as it will lift it and provide lightness. In addition using grey metals such as zinc for decorations or features it creates an ever-so-slightly unfinished and un-shiny modern rustic look, sure to impress any visitors with your acumen for design.

A highly popular feature is the outdoor ‘hangout area’. Perfect for entertaining guests when you want to enjoy the outdoors, but still want some home comforts. An outdoor ‘room’ needs relaxing furniture and perhaps you may want to learn from Australia and install an outdoor kitchen.

Jacksons’ decking helps bridge the gap between garden and home for your hangout areas. You may want to screen off your seating area, using Aran panels create a defined area, a true outdoor room. Screening gives increased privacy, shade and can act as a wind break.

Call us today or browse our contemporary fencing page to find out more and how we can help you and your garden.

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