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Do I need Planning permission for fencing

Explore our 4-part guide covering the often discussed topic: do I need planning permission for fencing?

We discuss when you require planning permission for fencing and when you do not, including our best practice advice about how to avoid neighborly disputes.

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Part 1 - Planning permission for fencing

Do you need planning permission for fencing in the home

Choosing a fence type, style and material are typically some of the first areas people consider when looking into buying a new fence.

In many instances the often overlooked subject of planning permission comes to attention once you have already bought new fencing and gates, so we have created this guide to definitively answer the question; do you need planning permission for fencing?

Depending on the height of the fence you will require planning permission in England and criteria for this is clearly outlined by the planning portal however we have summarised some of the key aspects on the topic.

Part 2 - Do I need planning permission for fencing

When You require Planning permission

If the fence height including Trellis exceeds 2-metres (2-metres = 6.56ft) above ground level.

A conservative estimate for planning permission for fencing which exceeds 2-metres can be approximately £150 - £300 and in some instances depending on the location, surroundings, area and requirements, substantially more.

If the fence height exceeds 1-metre (3.28ft) and is next to a highway used by vehicles.

The planning portal state planning is also required in the event the individual’s right to put up a fence or alter walls or gates is removed by an article 4 direction or planning condition.

In short, an Article 4 Direction effectively restricts permitted development rights, which translates into a lot of things people do to their property or land without planning permission and assume will be OK, are bought into the realms needing to acquire planning consent.

Development is not permitted if within the curtilage of, or to a gate, fence, wall or other means of enclosure surrounding, a listed building.  If the fence is installed in an AONB or a conservation area, do discuss plans with the local parish council.

When you do not require planning permission

It is worth noting you do not need to apply for planning permission for the removal of a fence, fence post, wall or gate no matter what the height or the length of the run is, providing this is your land.

Maintaining, altering or improving a fence is allowed if the height is not changed.

Part 3 - avoiding boundary disputes

General advice and best practice

At Jacksons we receive a lot of queries about neighbourly disputes and while we advise to take each scenario on a case by case basis, there are small things you can do to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Discuss any plans with your neighbour.

Though you are not legally obligated to communicate with your neighbour about installing a new fence, a courtesy conversation to discuss any of their concerns may prove beneficial in the long term.

Advice on two key topics is available below


Part 4 - What you need to know

What else to consider when erecting a fence panel

As we know, choosing a fence is not a straightforward process and it requires methodical planning so depending on your requirements, choosing the correct style and type of fence can greatly impact your garden and your neighbour.

We have developed a guide to introduce to some of the common elements you should consider when choosing a fence such as, where to install the fencing, does the fence of choice provide the right level of security and what styles are there, whether it’s a solid panel for privacy and security, semi solid for a touch of stylish design to mark a boundary of your property, or trellis to enhance climbing plants.

These are all factors which impact the scope and may affect your neighbours understanding of the project.

In summary, you do not need planning permission for fencing if the fence you intend to install is below 2-metres in height but there are wider considerations you should make and we recommend doing thorough research into the subject before you make any purchase decision.

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