Shiplap Fencing

What is Shiplap Fencing?

Shiplap fence panels consist of interlocking horizontal wooden panels that slot into place almost like a jigsaw.

Are they similar to any other panel?

Yes, shiplap panels are very similar to Tongue and Groove panels that we manufacture which are built using similar systems of interlocking boards. We only manufacture Tongue and Groove Effect panels because they offer are more elegant and stronger design.

Tongue and Groove Effect panels

If privacy is a priority for you then Tongue and groove effect panels are an excellent choice. Closely boarded panels offer a solid timber face producing no gaps.  We offer Tongue and Groove in a variety of styles including both horizontal and vertical pales and arched topped.

Tongue and Groove Effect panels

Boarded Brook Gates

Our Boarded Brook gates match our tongue and groove effect panels perfectly, continuing the ultimate privacy with strong and sturdy design.

Boarded Brook Gates

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