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To assemble, first ensure you have a reasonably level working area. Lay out five joists in the direction of where you want the deck boards to run. Place three Joists on top, one at each end, and one in the centre. Slot the notches into each other, and then fix with one 90mm screw in each joint. Measure diagonally one corner to the other on the frame, making sure it is square. Once the frame is square place the remaining joists into position by slotting the notches together, and then fasten with screws.

Decking Kit  instructions

Take one decking board and cut it to 1750mm, or 3550mm, depending on which size deck you have chosen. Fix it as an edge board to the joist with 60 x 5mm decking screw. Fix the longer edge board into position in the same way.

Lay the first decking board into position make sure it is in line with the edge board, and allow no overhang. Fix with 2 x 60 x 5mm decking screws into each board, and the joists below.

To align the second board with the first, measure 100mm from the edge of the first board to the second, and fix in the same way as the first board.

Continue across the whole deck with the last board finishing flush with the edge board with no overhang. The boards should appear evenly spaced when the timber shrinks as it dries out. Make sure that all boards are fixed to the decking joists with screws.

100mm = gap between boards plus width of one board

Edge boards should be attached first then the first deck board should be flush with the edge, with no overhang

All our decking boards are Jakcured, which means they are protected from rot and insect attack for 25 years. By avoiding rot your deck will be less slippery and unsightly. Another benefit is our boards are grooved, which will make them safer and being wood it will be much warmer and more comfortable to walk on with bare feet.

Installation Instructions


Please note: all timber decking is likely to become slippery when wet or in situations where standing water is present. You should exercise caution when the surface is wet. Periodic cleaning to remove moss and lichen will reduce the risk of slipping.

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Buying multiple products?
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