Garden Fence Ideas

Whether a traditional or contemporary inspired garden design, it’s important to choose a fence style that complements your overarching theme. We explore garden fence ideas to help you with your garden inspiration. 


Trellis Fence As Privacy Garden Screen

Use Decorative Slatted Fence Panels

Garden Ideas To Improve Privacy

Use Horizontal Fencing In Small Gardens

Create Screening and Storage Areas

Raised Beds in Your Garden (Sleepers)

Acoustic Fencing To Reduce Noise Pollution


Trellis Fence As Privacy Garden Screen

If you’re looking for a decorative fence ideas that improves privacy while still keeping the garden light, airy and open, then a trellis panel is the perfect option. Lattice Trellis features smaller squares at 38mm wide, offering greater levels of privacy than a standard Square Trellis panel. It’s great for adding as a privacy screen around a seating area, or on top of an existing wall.

In the garden below a customer has set our Lattice Trellis in front of a garden wall to increase height and privacy.

Advice: Adding trellis to your garden may require additional planning permission especially if you are adding height to an existing boundary. Read our advice on planning permission specifically relating to Trellis Fence Toppers see our guide: Different Trellis Types.

National BALI Award Winning Garden with lattice trellis fencing

Decorative Slatted Fence Panels Ideas

Horizontal lines add a contemporary finish to modern gardens. Timber fence panels which have continuous horizontal slats are ideal for making gardens appear longer, and more elongated. This is why in smaller gardens, horizontal panels are chosen more often to make the space seem larger than it is. Slatted panels are also known as semi solid and have gaps between the pales, meaning at some angles you may be able to see through the panel. This does compromise on privacy but there are designs that offer more privacy than others. Hit and Miss fence panels planting and patio

Our for Venetian Hit & Miss panels panels are one of our semi-solid fence panels that offer a good level of privacy. Made with horizontal slats on both sides of the panel, fixed in an alternating pattern meaning visibility is greatly obscured but, light and air still pass through. By allowing light through their horizontal slats these panels produce bands of dappled light and shade with dramatic effect.  

Sunny garden - venetian slatted fencing

Unique Garden Fence Ideas

Unique garden fence designs can be created by the homeowner and not just the manufacturer. Combining fence panels with either a trellis or fence panel topper is a great fence idea to personalise your fence line and make it your own. It also provides you with the combined benefits of different fence types. For example, using a privacy fence panel with a semi-solid trellis on top offers privacy but keeps light flowing into the garden.

tongue and groove fence

You can even get creative with picket fencing. Traditional or kit form picket fencing is customisable, you can create a style completely unique to you. Read more in our blog – different styles of picket fencing.

Green screen garden fence

Combine fencing and climbing plants to create a green screen. Semi-solid panels have gaps between the pales allowing climbing plants to intertwine around and use as support to cover the panel creating a green screen.

venetian panel as green screen

Advice: After the warmer weather subsides and Autumn starts, plant matter should be cleared off fencing to prevent in-ground conditions on the panel itself.

Hampstead Garden fencing

Create Screening and Storage Areas

Your outside space is an extension of your home, and as with any household space there is potential for clutter and untidiness, especially if you have a young family. To enjoy your garden or entertain friends without having to see unsightly clutter we recommend  introducing a garden screen to act as a creative cover solution. Whilst Garden Screens can be used to great effect to hide or disguise certain features, they also have an important role to play in defining key areas within the outdoor space and can be a cost effective solution as an attractive feature which conceals items you do not want guest to see.

For greater detail on the subject browse our blog which covers our Top 5 Screening and Storage Solutions for ideas to keep your garden looking gorgeous all summer.

Slatted fence screen

Acoustic Fencing To Reduce Noise Pollution

Gardens are our space to be outside in nature, take in the fresh air and relax. If excess noise pollution is ruining enjoying your outside space, then acoustic fencing may be a consideration. Acoustic barriers are becoming more commonly used within residential settings as homeowners, architects and developers look for solutions to reduce noise pollution created from the ever-increasing population. Our reflective barrier reflects noise waves and can reduce noise by up to 28db. It also offers and attractive timber façade so you don’t have to compromise on looks.

acoustic fencing in garden

Acoustic fencing along motorway


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