Secure Your Home

Ways to make your home and garden more secure as a line of defence

Thieves will typically consider the ability to make a fast unhindered exit from a property a high priority - either to enable a quick escape with stolen goods or simply to avoid capture – so designing the perimeter fence and gate to make it difficult to enter and exit will make your property far less attractive to a thief.

The recently reported attempt to break into Premier League football star Jermaine Pennant’s home is a good example of the significance in getting this "external" security right.  Raiders tried to crash through the front gate to Pennant’s property but despite three attempts, the gate did its job in terms of making it difficult for the thieves to access the property and eventually they fled the scene with nothing to show for their efforts.  If only the other recently targeted high profile Premier League stars had adopted a similarly thorough approach to their home security, they could easily have been saved the worry and cost associated with a successful break-in.

Jacksons Fencing – a leading UK manufacturer and installer of security fencing and access solutions - has designed and installed security perimeter residential fencing and gates for a number of high profile personalities including Premier League footballers, homes of ambassadors, celebrities, captains of industry and even a former F1 World Champion.  Most importantly, the company makes every effort NOT to create fortresses, but rather, focuses on providing an effective front line defence that allows the occupants to deter, delay and detect would be intruders and to protect their families and property.

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