Although there is a wide variety of fencing styles out there, they tend to fall into two main categories: traditional and contemporary. Naturally, traditional styles are more conservative and orthodox in design, while contemporary fencing often has a modern look.

Whether your garden is current or more traditional, the information below will introduce you to the benefits of both fencing styles.


As well as the difference in appearance mentioned above, traditional fencing usually means a “non-panel” garden fence, which means instead of being constructed from individual panels, it's assembled from pales and rails attached to posts.

Traditional fencing is the most popular in the UK as it’s hugely versatile and can be a slightly cheaper alternative to contemporary panels. Traditional panels normally range from 3-6 feet and come in a variety of styles to suit your home and garden.  


Another benefit of traditional fencing is that it can be easier to install, particularly on slopes, as it can run with the gradient. This makes it easier for one person to install the fence alone, saving them the effort of struggling with heavy panels. Plus, if a pale is damaged, it’s easier to repair than a panel.

From offering privacy and soundproofing to letting light in and adding a fresh feel to your outdoor space, traditional panels like Jaktop fencing can serve multiple functions and look stunning in any location.

Featherboard with decking


Contemporary fencing, also known as decorative fencing, provides the same perimeter protection and privacy as many traditional styles, but offer a modern and often unique twist to your garden.

Often people have aspirations to liven up an outdoor space with a statement feature; climbing plants look great on trellis-style fences and slatted fences are an attractive way to section off a cosy area for seating or a pond.

Quality fencing manufacturers will keep up with the latest trends to ensure their range of contemporary fencing (and therefore your garden) looks fresh all year round.

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Fencing for every style

Whichever style of fencing you prefer, Jacksons offers an extensive timber range to cater for all tastes, with many ‘combi’ styles that combine the privacy of tall, solid fence panels with the striking design of handcrafted fencing made with passion.

Plus, as we believe in style as well as substance, all our timber is treated using our unique Jakcure treatment process and guaranteed to last 25 years. To discover the full Jacksons range of contemporary and traditional fencing, visit our website.