What fencing can I use to enhance my gardens privacy?

Many customers approach us at Jacksons Fencing asking a simple question: which fencing  they can best use to enhance the level of privacy in their garden whilst not compromising the overall design or upsetting neighbours?

In a recent blog we discussed our Top 5 Privacy Fence Panels within our range but we want to explore the benefits for installing Chilham fence panels in their own right with comment provided by a local Approved Installer TJC Fencing.

Unlike alternative options for solid fence panels, our Chilham fence panel has been created manufactured to appear equally good on both sides whilst also offering ultimate privacy. Typically, solid fence panels use rails across the middle section of the panel to attach pales to for added strength. However, Chilham is unique in its construction. Often referred to as Batten and Board Fencing, we recreated the concept with premium quality timber boards, with each of the individual boards interlocking to avoid any kind of sagging or gaps in the timber. It is the interlocking nature of the timber boards that gives this panel its distinctive double sided fence ‘panelled’ appearance and strength. 

Chilham TJC Contracts

TJC Fencing, an Approved Installer recently installed over 20 metres of Chilham fence panels for a client and echoed the need for privacy in larger gardens. The client, new to the area, made contact with the installer as a pre-existing long run of trees was all that separated their garden from the neighbours, meaning privacy was limited. The client required a maintenance free fencing solution which enhanced their privacy but did not compromise the style of their garden so the installer explained "a good solid privacy fence panel should be made with a combination of good quality, guaranteed timber and strong construction to ensure they support the weight of the extra pales whilst providing the desired level of concealment. Chilham offers all these benefits and a unique design concept so the client was very happy".

Privacy fence panels
Not everyone is looking to enhance the privacy of their garden, but we know choosing a fence can be a daunting process with numerous different considerations such as, what type of fencing best suits your garden? Depending on your reasons for choosing a fence the end result could be drastically vastly different. 

Fence Comparison Tool 

The latest addition to our calculators and specifiers section is our comparison tool. Made with you, the user in mind, our comparison tools makes it easy to compare all the various types of fence panels, garden gates, trellis or post and rail options to find the best product for your garden. 

The tool allows you to compare the various different heights, specifications, applications and key features versus two other options of fence panel to help you determine the best option for your garden. Try our comparison tool today and see whether Chilham is the right choice for you.

Fence comparison tool