Use fencing to hide rubbish bins

The client’s idea for this project was to create an enjoyable garden space which hid unsightly rubbish bins using contemporary Venetian fencing over a traditional bin store, making the whole area user friendly.

Garden screens cover bins

The clients wanted a larger usable patio area but one which did not dominate the garden as they firmly wanted to maintain a large lawn area for their pets whilst also keeping the side-shed area paved and introducing planting borders.

Venetian bin store

With this in mind the client contacted reputable garden designer Paul Terroni Owner of PLT Design who created a modern geometric design with clean lines; the side area was also paved and to hide the shed from view, two staggered rows of Venetian slatted panels installed with planting beds in front. These stylish panels do a practical job of screening off the shed and bin area whilst adding value to overall design concept of the garden.

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The garden was designed and built by PLT Design (based in Oxfordshire).

 Venetian screening for bins