Reducing excess noise in your outdoor space may be high on your priority list. Our range of acoustic fencing has proven ability to reduce noise decibels which will allow you to enjoy your outside space.

decibel reducing fence

How does a fence reduce decibels levels?

A decibel reducing fence panel will either reflect or absorb noise waves. Reflective noise reduction fencing creates a barrier that will reflect noise waves away. Absorptive noise reduction fencing has a membrane that the noise waves hit, which then dissipate into the panel.

How many decibels does a fence reduce?

Jacksons Fencing’s reflective acoustic fence will reduce sound levels by up to 28 decibels. It will reduce excess noise pollution such as road noise, nearby transport infrastructure, schools, and industrial. Our absorptive acoustic fencing, which is more commonly used in non-domestic settings, can reduce noise by up to 32 decibels.

Reducing road noise with decibel reducing fencing

The Fencing Firm, who are fence installers based in North London, installed our Jakoustic Reflective acoustic fencing for a property near a busy road in London. Due to the property’s proximity to the nearby road, a taller fence than the normal two metres was advised. As the decibel reducing fence is designed to reflect sound waves, the barrier must be tall enough so that it limits the amount of sound that will travel over the fence instead of bounce off it.

noise reduction fence

To offer the correct support for a taller decibel reducing fence, steel I beams are recommended. Posts should be set deeper into the ground to also increase the support given. In this application, posts were installed 850mm into the ground to provide support and stability.

Decibel noise reduction panel

Choosing our Jakoustic Reflective acoustic fence not only reduces excess noise decibels but offers better security value than standard garden fence panels. The design of interlocking boards creates a flat surface that is hard to scale. A taller fence will also deter opportunist thieves as the fence can’t be scaled without tools.

Choosing fencing with noise reduction and good aesthetics

To match the aesthetics of a new build home; an attractive timber fence that also tackles excess road noise effectively is sought after. New homes are often built close to national infrastructure due to the demand from home buyers. The architecture and design of new developments are becoming more aesthetically pleasing and homes are being built for to incorporate all aspects of the world, such as people working from home, or the value in having a quiet outdoor space to enjoy. Fencing, which often makes up a large part of the exterior appearance of a home, needs to match the premium nature and appeal.

decibel reduction fence panel

Installation by one of our Norwich based Approved Installers Costessey Garden Care

Our Jakoustic Reflective acoustic fencing has an attractive timber facade made up of horizontal timber boards, which complements a contemporary home. Reducing noise, it is the perfect solution to help homeowners enjoy their homes for all purposes, including those that need a quiet space as remote working and home offices are highly common, or those who want to keep neighbours happy while they entertain guests. The robust construction and 25-year guarantee will give peace of mind to any new homeowner, that this fencing will give them an outdoor space to enjoy and won’t need replacing within the next 25 years and beyond.

Can a normal fence panel reduce decibel levels?

Heavy duty, well built, dense fence panels can reduce decibels levels if they have no gaps. Interlocking timber boards which disrupt the ability for sound waves to penetrate beyond the fence will have an effect on excess noise. If a purpose-built decibel reducing acoustic fence isn’t attainable, opting for a heavy-duty fence may be the solution. Fence panels such as our Shadowline, or Tongue and Groove Effect are solid timber fencing with interlocking horizontal boards. Boards are 51mm thick and interlock, creating limited opportunities for sound to penetrate, meaning this style of fence panel will reduce noise better than others.