Earthstone Landscapes, an award-winning Jacksons Approved Installer, showcase their garden design and landscaping expertise through a recent project that transformed a garden using Venetian Hit and Miss Fencing and ungrooved Jakwall® landscape timbers, to create a garden full of raised beds and a water feature.

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The design focused on three distinct areas. The first highlighted a paved seating area with striking Venetian Hit and Miss fence panels as the backdrop. The second area featured a shaded bed alongside a wall, while the third centred around an existing pergola in the garden's heart and included a stunning tiered water feature.

Earthstone Landscapes, based in Kent, boasts a well-established reputation, extensive landscaping experience, prestigious awards, and has featured in high-end magazines. They have contributed to notable projects and collaborated on shows like ITV’s Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh.

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Paved Seating Area with Contemporary Venetian Hit & Miss Fencing Backdrop:

The existing paved seating and dining area at the back of the property underwent minimal changes, with new Venetian Hit and Miss Fence panels being the most significant change serving as a contemporary backdrop. The fencing installation completely transforms the seating area by framing that side of the garden and creating a cohesive design throughout. To enhance privacy, the paving was trimmed back, and a trellis screen was installed on the right-hand side, providing an aesthetically pleasing privacy solution.

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Fencing has evolved over the years from a mere boundary to garden centrepieces. Here, Venetian Hit and Miss fence panels, part of our contemporary fence panel range, are installed with slotted Jakposts® to create an elegant backdrop for the seating area, allowing wind to filter through while maintaining privacy.

Raised Bed with landscape timbers

Raised sleeper beds were crafted using Jacksons’ ungrooved Jakwall landscaping timbers, known for their contemporary design with planed appearance and chamfered edges. Our landscape timbers come with our 25-year Jakcure® guarantee, ensuring longevity. The area features varied plantings, including espalier fruit trees on vine wires along the existing brick wall, and a mix of shrubs and perennials suitable for different light conditions.

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A lawn by the house was intentionally left open, providing a space for grandchildren to play.

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Pergola Garden and tiered landscape sleeper water feature:

Existing paths were retained, and new beds were constructed from our ungrooved landscaping timbers. Raised beds were crafted to be 40cm high, which were designed for both comfortable sitting and tending the beds. The path leads to ground-level beds, primarily planted with herbs near the eating and cooking areas. Two half-standard bay trees complement the olives in raised beds.

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The garden incorporates a tiered landscape sleeper water feature, where the design comprises four tiers arranged from large to small, featuring three water outlets on the top two tiers.

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This bespoke timber water feature introduces a dynamic focal point to the garden. Illuminated by considerate lighting, it accentuates the warm tones of the slatted timber fencing and beds, contributing to the overall ambience; creating a visually enticing and inviting outdoor environment.

Sleeper water features can enhance any outdoor space's natural beauty and tranquillity. These features crafted from sturdy weather-resistant timber sleepers blend seamlessly with various landscaping styles, from rustic to contemporary. Here are some sleeper water feature ideas to inspire you:

Sleeper Pond: Consider building a sleeper pond for a more immersive experience. Dig a shallow basin and line it with a durable pond liner. Use sleepers to construct the pond's perimeter, adding a rustic touch to the landscape. Incorporate aquatic plants and ornamental fish to enhance the natural ambience.

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Sleeper Waterfall: Add a sense of drama to your outdoor space with a sleeper waterfall. Stack sleepers to create a cascading waterfall effect, allowing water to cascade gently from one level to the next. Position the waterfall near a seating area or garden pathway for maximum impact.


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In conclusion, the transformation of the garden by Earthstone Landscapes showcases the versatility and beauty of our Jakwall landscaping timbers. From crafting a stunning water feature to constructing raised beds, these timbers play a pivotal role in enhancing the garden's appeal. Combined with our Venetian Hit and Miss fence panels, they create a serene ambience in the garden.

Jakwall landscape timbers ensure longevity through quality materials and craftsmanship, and contribute to the garden's overall aesthetic appeal. Incorporating natural elements, such as water and plantings, enhances the peaceful atmosphere, creating a harmonious balance between man-made structures and the surrounding environment.

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Jakwall® Garden Retaining Wall Venetian Hit and Miss fence panels


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