A Simple Checklist

Avoid Fence Failure

Harsh weather conditions can wreak havoc on fencing, use this checklist to make sure your fence is fit to face the challenges of the outdoor environment.

Fencing & Gate Abbreviations

  • c/w

    - Complete With; i.e - This gate c/w fittings 
  • CHS

    - Circular Hollow Section
  • FSC®

    - Forest Stewardship Council®
    • LHH

      - Left Hand Hanging; i.e - This gate is LHH (When viewed from the pavement/road)
    • P.A.R

      - Planed All Round - the product have been planed on all sides.
    • PEFC

      - Promoting Sustainable Forest Management
    • PPC

      - Polyester Powder Coating; i.e - Product shown in PPC blue
    • RHH

      - Right Hand Hanging; i.e - This gate is RHH (When viewed from the pavement/road)
    • RHS

      - Rectangular Hollow Section
    • SHS

      - Square Hollow Section
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