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Jakoustic® Environmental Noise Barriers

The revolutionary Jakoustic® timber environmental noise barrier systems are Jacksons answer to noise pollution, a growing problem in our densely populated modern world. We offer acoustic solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, railway and highway applications that can reduce noise levels by as much as 32 decibels* in laboratory conditions, while maintaining an attractive and 'natural' façade. For example for every 10dB Sound Reduction the human ear hears a halving of sound.

Acoustic fence

Jakoustic® reflective barrier meets most residential and industrial requirements.

Jakoustic® Plus absorptive barrier offers the extra performance of an additional layer of absorptive material contained within a special acoustic membrane.

Jakoustic® Highway is specially designed to satisfy stringent highway standards, in heights up to 12m with steel posts.

Excellent security characteristics with a completely flat face (with no horizontal rails) which makes it difficult to climb and 34mm thick acoustic boards which are difficult to penetrate.

Acoustic Video Examples

  • Acoustic Fence Demo

    A video demo of our acoustic fencing, that has been proven in laboratory conditions to reduce noise by up to 32 decibels and are in use in the UK and overseas across a diverse range of applications, from private residences to industry, urban sports facilities, road and rail transport.

  • Jakoustic at the HAUC show

    A video of example of Jakoustic fencing at the HAUC show. The HAUC show brings highway authorities, utilities and government together with the aim of working safely and smartly to reduce the impact of street and road works on members of the public throughout the UK.

  • Jakoustic® TV Ad

    This TV ad illustrates the beauty of a Jakoustic environmental noise barrier as a garden fence: designed and proven to minimise the effects of noise pollution. The ad was well received, and the gnome became an overnight star advertising the sound resistant fencing.

More information

Prices on application, please contact our Jakoustic team on 0800 408 2234, email or use the button below to send an enquiry below. Alternatively, visit our commercial website, for our acoustic barrier technical specifications and more detail on the product range.

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Meet the Acoustic Fencing Team

We are happy to show you around our acoustic display area at our head office site based just outside Ashford. Please email or call in advance and we will arrange for one of our Acoustic Specialists to be on hand to answer your technical questions and offer free no obligation advice for your project requirements.

Noise Barrier

Jakoustic Reflective Environmental Noise Barrier System

The Jakoustic Reflective system comprises of our unique timber “tuning fork” design posts and 123mm x 34mm boards featuring an interlocking vee couple with a tongue and groove. This special profile has been carefully developed to locate the boards in such a way that eliminates gaps that sound will easily travel through, even when boards shrink and expand with changes in the weather. The fence is finished with a capping and counter rail. The timber posts used for most applications up to 4m high are of a unique 'tuning fork' design that clamps the boards to provide continuous sound insulation. For barrier heights 2m – 4m, the timber posts are reinforced with a steel spur at the base, powder coated black.

Absorptive acoustic fencing Barrier

Jakoustic Plus Absorptive Environmental Noise Barrier

The Jakoustic Plus Barrier system can be offered with either the unique timber tuning fork posts, or the steel I- beam posts dependent on the application' barrier height and wind loading. In addition an absorptive layer, covered with a protective membrane is incorporated on one side of the reflective surface to further reduce noise by an average of 4dB. The photograph shows a Jakoustic Plus barrier and tracked sliding gate with a special order, chevron pattern fixing to the absorptive face.

The Acoustic Fencing Range

To view the different acoustic fencing ranges, common applications, technical specifications and line drawings.  Please visit our commercial website:


FSC® - Forest Stewardship Council®

Promoting Sustainable Forest Management

Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of LPCB: ISO 9001

FORS accreditation encompasses all aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, economical operations and vehicle emissions

Secured by Design licensed company with products that have been awarded the 'Police Preferred Specification' status

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