Fence panels come in an array of sizes. Smaller fence panel designs are widely available and suit a variety of applications. There are many reasons why small fences suit a space. They are often chosen for defining boundaries on driveways and front gardens.

3 foot fence panel

Skyline Fencing and Landscaping, our Approved Installer based across Essex, Suffolk and London, installed our Venetian fence panels at a property to separate two neighbouring property driveways.

small driveway fence

Choosing a semi-solid fence panel such as Venetian keeps the front garden feeling open and offers a contemporary look and feel. Low fencing keeps visibility high, allowing the homeowner to see out to assess anyone near or on their property, and is often a stipulation in planning regulations.

When fencing is in close proximity to a house, semi-solid panels are a much better option to allow light into the property. If you choose a solid fence panel it could run the risk of reducing the amount of light entering your home.

short front garden fence

If the boundary of your property is far enough away that it won’t block light from coming into your home, choosing a short, solid fence panel is a great option.

Keeping fencing short at the front of a home can help with surveillance of threats entering your property. If someone wanted to conceal themselves behind the fence, they would need to crouch down which would cause suspicion and hopefully raise the alarm.

Short panels control access

It may seem pointless to add a short fence just to mark the boundary of your home, but fencing serves many purposes. Having a fence will control how people access your property, whether it be the delivery person, visitors to your home or even a dog on its walk past your house. A fence will let people know where they can come onto your property and stop anyone accessing your property where you don’t want, like across your lawn or flowerbeds. A short boundary fence around the front garden also helps to keep pets and children safe in the event that they run out of the front door unsupervised.

small fence panels

Rear garden small panels

Choosing small panels for a rear garden is often common when gardens are also small. It allows the space to feel less enclosed and claustrophobic. Natural light is important in a garden and for the rear facing rooms in a home, so it’s worth researching which style of fence panel or panel combination will work best. Shorter, solid panels with no line of sight through help to offer some privacy when in the garden.

1 metre fence panels

Creative Scapes installed a popular combination of Vertical Tongue and Groove Effect panels with our Square Trellis topper. The garden was small and surrounded by mature trees with full canopies. Keeping the fencing low here helped to keep light levels high in the garden and stop the space feeling small and enclosed.

fence installer small panel

The lower three quarters of the fence are solid with no line of sight through which offers some privacy for the garden as well as keeping it tidy from neighbouring plants that may become overgrown and grow through the panel. The square trellis on top is great for allowing light air to flow through. Short fence panels can still be installed even when privacy and light aren’t concerns. If you have lots of tree cover in the garden or privacy is not a concern, opting for shorter fence panels is a cheaper way to fence your boundary.

small fence panel ideas

Leave views unspoiled with small fence panels

If you live in a rural area and privacy is no concern, short fence panels are great to fence the boundary of your property without stopping the views beyond the garden. To keep the views even less interrupted, opt for a post and rail style fence which can be compromised of two or three rails. Garden screen with short fence panels

Shorter panels in the garden can help screen areas without impacting the size of the garden. Keeping panels short allows a line of sight further back in the garden, so the fence doesn’t box in any areas. Instead, panels act as a frame and divider to create separate areas in one larger space.

timber pergola