How to utilise your outdoor space

Small Garden Ideas

People often see small gardens as a drawback, however with the right attention to detail and a well thought out plan, small gardens can look stunning. With a smaller garden, you often have a bigger opportunity to make an impact because features of your garden will not get lost in a garden where everything can be seen.

Create levels using

retaining walls

Creating different levels makes your space more dynamic. It adds to the illusion that the space is larger, and adds places of interest that gravitates focus.

Retaining walls
lay your decking

to suit your garden

The way in which you lay your decking, can have an affect on the perception of size of your garden. Laying you decking horizontally can widen a narrow area. Laying your decking length ways can help to elongate your plot.

maximise your space

Grow Vertically

Growing vertically is a great idea for small gardens as it makes use of previously unused areas. Vertical elements help your garden claim space for it's own; the sky is the limit. Vertical planting enhancing the feelings of spaciousness,  and green within your garden.

Climbing plants for fencing

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