There’s nothing better for kids than playing outdoors in summer, whether they’re clambering on slides and swinging on monkey bars or cooling off in a paddling pool. Unfortunately, accidents can happen in the garden, as anywhere - so how can you ensure your little ones are kept safe when playing in the garden, explore further...

Light and Shade Outdoor Retreat

One simple - and often overlooked - way to keep kids safe outdoors in hot weather is to ensure there’s plenty of shade. Small children are particularly susceptible to overheating and sunstroke; placing umbrellas above them, regularly applying sunscreen and avoiding spending too long in direct sunlight between the hottest periods of the day will help keep kids cool - and happy.

Retreat Garden Shelter

Secure Pools and Ponds Using Mesh

Any body of water on your land, from swimming and paddling pools to ponds large or small, pose a hazard to youngsters. When unsupervised, the water should be fenced off so youngsters can’t fall in by accident; when in use, an adult should be present at all times to keep a close eye on things.

For ponds, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) advises installing a grille or mesh over the pond, ensuring it is secure, above the pond surface and able to bear the weight of a child.

Balustrade fencing around swimming pool

Test Play Equipment

Before letting youngsters loose on play equipment such as swings and climbing frames, it’s wise to carry out a quick check. Test structural bars for cracks, ensure bolts are tightly secured and keep an eye out for signs of rust or erosion. In summer, keep in mind that metal play equipment can get extremely hot in the sun and consider steering kids away from metal bars of slides around midday.

Perimeter Security - Check the Fence

One of the biggest ways to ensure a family friendly garden is by preventing kids from wandering out of either front or back gardens is essential to their safety. Consider privacy, noise levels and aesthetics when choosing a fence. Do you need acoustic soundproofing? How tall or short do the fence panels need to be? Does the character of your home need a traditional or contemporary fence style? We have a great blog to help you think about What to Consider When Choosing a Fence.

Another thing to bear in mind when installing fencing intended to keep kids safe is the spacing between fence panels and pales. Little hands (and even heads) can easily become trapped in between fence posts or rails, so ensure you choose a family-friendly option, like our RoSPA-approved Timber Playtime fencing. With rounded edges, no risk of limb entrapment and an installation method that ensures climbing kids can’t gain a foothold, the right fencing could save a life.

Acoustic fencing

Low Fence Maintenance Fencing

Having chosen the right child-friendly fencing solution for your home, you need to make sure they’re well maintained because there are many reasons your fence could become storm damaged. Crumbling or cracked concrete posts and rusty nails not only look unattractive, but also lead to unstable fencing and increase the risk of trapping or injuring a child. For additional advice about Concrete or Wooden Fence Posts and the advantages of each, browse our blog.

Choosing a material that has been treated to withstand the weather, insect attack and rot will ensure your fence lasts for years to come, and also saves you money in the long run. Jacksons unique Jakcure timber treatment provides a 25-year guarantee to all our timber products, and our metal fencing comes with a 25-year service life, too.