Family Friendly Fencing

One of the first criteria for a family friendly garden is a secure fence line which is specifically designed to provide a strong physical boundary between the sanctuary of your home and the outside world.

The choice of fencing is very much dictated by the style of the property and the local landscape. If the main area of outdoor space is to the rear of the garden, it is likely that you will need fencing on three sides and popular choices include Featherboard or tongue and groove panels, although there are now a number of stunning adaptations of the original panel fence which combine effective security with a dash of designer style. Be aware that some fencing offers the ability to see through the panels and this can represent a concern for many parents.

For families with young children, make sure the fencing pales are correctly sited so as not to represent a potential trapping point for little hands and even heads. Timber Playtime fencing from Jacksons is RoSPA approved and is ideal for a perimeter fence in gardens where children play. This family friendly fence has been specially designed to offer gently rounded edges (this applies to the galvanised fittings as well as to the fencing pales) and no risk of limb / neck entrapment between the pales and pale tops. The construction of the fence also ensures that mischievous toddlers are unable to gain a foothold to try and scale the fence – which could be an option with a number of other fencing choices.

Fencing to the front of the property is vital to prevent children from straying onto the road, and of course it is also a key factor in establishing a positive first impression for visitors to the family home. Again, the character of the building and its setting will heavily influence the choice of fencing, from a traditional picket fence to smart metal railings but as above, be aware of the need to select a fence which does not represent a safety hazard. There have been a number of reported injuries, which could have proved fatal, where a child has been impaled on a metal railing following an attempt to scale the fence.

Always choose a material which has been suitably treated to withstand the challenges of an outdoor setting. Rotten timber posts and rusty metal pales will lead to an unstable fence, which, aside from the loss of aesthetic appeal, could also potentially be capable of trapping and / or injuring a child.

All Jacksons timber fencing has undergone the unique Jakcure timber treatment which provides a 25-year guarantee against rot and wood boring insects, and the metal fencing is also supplied with a 25-year service life.

Play Protocol

In the interest of keeping the kids happy, you’ll definitely win more brownie points if you install climbing equipment and / or a playhouse in the garden. Be careful where you position these features, they should be well away from concreted areas and not too near any walls, fences or large bushes. Ideally you should site any play equipment on a dedicated play surface.

Trampolines have become increasingly popular, but if you don’t want this to become the predominant feature in your outside space, then sink it into the ground. A sunken trampoline is not just visually more acceptable, it is also safer because the children don’t have so far to fall.

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