Acoustic barriers are more commonly being seen within residential settings as home owners, architects and developers are looking at methods to reduce noise pollution created from the increasing population. Today’s society has put consequential pressures on our roads; increased road usage and our demand for fast deliveries has meant our roads are busy at all hours of the day, seven days of the week.

Servicing Chester and the surrounding areas, County Landscapes NW, a Jacksons Approved Installer, were approached by a couple with a need for a new front garden fence, with the objective to reduce the sound of oncoming traffic from the busy road. The clients were keen to purchase a fence that offered a high level of privacy as the property lies on a busy commuting route so they could enjoy their garden without having to worry about peering eyes when drivers passed.

View this before and after video of County Landscpaes NW install of our noise barrier fence.

After some research into noise reduction fencing/gates it became apparent our Jakoustic® Reflective barrier would be the practical choice to alleviate the noise. The reflective noise barrier works to reflect noise away using specially designed solid timber boards constructed to eliminate the gaps which sound can travel through. The system has the ability to reduce noise by up to 28dB as tested in laboratory conditions.

noise barriers residential

Tackling the job head on, County Landscapes NW planned to carefully install the new noise barrier in between a row of trees and a hedge, whilst also curving the fence round to match the curvature of the road. Trees and hedges can act as a natural noise barrier so it was important to install the fence in between the two lines of vegetation without having to remove any.

sound barrier

The fence had to be constructed in three sections in a run totalling 62 metres across the front of the property with gates to be installed at a later date. Our Jakoustic® Reflective noise barrier fence panels have a natural timber façade so it blends well into the tree line. This was an important feature to the owners as they wanted their front garden fence to blend in with the environment but also deliver on noise reduction.

acoustic barriers

With cars and pedestrians passing the property at all times of the day, the Jakoustic® noise barrier fence offered a strong privacy barrier between the road and the property with its solid structure. The panels are closely boarded together therefore getting rid of any gaps for pedestrians to look through.

To accommodate for the sloping ground, our Jakoustic® Reflective acoustic fence panels were stepped to keep a continual height along the perimeter to ensure there are no vulnerable points.  Our panels are designed with anti climb properties due to its flat profile meaning there are no foot or finger holds for a potential intruder to use to climb over the fence. This makes it ideal for perimeter garden fencing as it creates the first line of defence against intruders.

noise barrier fence

The homeowners can now take back their outdoor space in time for the start of the warmer weather.