Garden designer Mark Lane has created a stunning contemporary wildlife garden surrounding his home in east Kent.

By installing Jakoustic barriers along the whole of the length of the roadside, he has been able to make full use of the space.

Mark told us: We installed a long run of Jacksons acoustic barrier along the entire length of the garden side that is adjacent to a busy road. The traffic noise was over-whelming, at busy times we would have to shout loudly just to be heard over the din.

 Marks garden with acoustic fencing panel

The acoustic fencing is designed to either absorb or reflect the unwanted noise. The Jakcured timber boards are beautifully solid, they make a perfect timber backdrop to garden views and they have the jacksons 25 year guarantee as well.

acoustic fencing panel barrier in designer garden

The boards are designed to fit together incredibly closely, so sound waves cannot easily penetrate the barrier. It has helped a lot; you can still hear the traffic noise, but the sound is contained on the other side of the fence.

It is now actually possible to have a normal conversation, instead of shouting!

Jakoustic makes seating area possible outside area with sleeper and fencing panel

A great thing is that as a result of the acoustic barrier being installed, we can now make full use of this area.

We’ve created a seating/dining area underneath the large trees next to the Jakoustic. It not only looks great, especially with the late afternoon sun, it is a peaceful area to relax in with a glass of something after the stresses of the day.

New seating area with Jakoustic fencing panel sleeper garden design

See a short video of Mark below telling us about his Jakoustic or visit the gallery for more photos

The installation of all the fencing and other Jacksons products in Mark's garden were carried out by Metcalfe Fencing, they are Jacksons Expert Installers

To find out more about Mark Lane Garden Design visit the website