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Gates are often seen by intruders as the weak link in a home's perimeter security. It is therefore integral to the overall security of the property to ensure gate security is reviewed and the correct steps are taken to protect against opportunist intruders.

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Assess the potential threats

It might seem a bit excessive, but conducting a risk assessment of your home is not a bad idea. It will make you think about threats to your home that you would not have usually thought of. Some questions to ask about your garden security

  • Does anyone have access to any side of my garden, other than my neighbours?
  • What are the current security measures?
  • Who, if anyone, is likely to get hurt by hazards in the garden (consider the safety of young children, if they can get out onto the road etc.)


gate security

Better gate security with gate locks

The most simple and obvious but sometimes overlooked security measure; gate locks, offer an extra layer of protection.

Most gates are fitted with a slide bolt which is usually fastened at the top of the gate.  Although this does restrict entry, most people know that they are there and can simply reach over and unlock the bolt themselves. We recommend garden gates are fitted with either J-Locks or keypad locks to add a better level of security. Best when fitted during manufacturing, the locking mechanism is installed into the gate itself making it harder to damage and therefore comprise the gate.

timber gate security

Design for gate security

1.8m high gates will offer the best deterrent for intruders. Smaller gates can be easily climbed over and provide a home with no protection. The gates should also be installed at the same height as the fencing to maintain a consistent height across the boundary and avoid creating a step.

Gates should also be installed with the bracing on the inside otherwise the horizontal timber brace can act as a climbing aid. If security is a concern, it is also best to choose vertical board styles of gates, like Featherboard or our Brook garden gate. Vertical pales that make up the gate will not create any foot or hand holds. Solid gates offer high levels of privacy and stop anyone being able to see into your property to spot desirable items.

Semi-solid gates do have their benefits, as the open design gives no opportunities for an intruder to conceal themselves. These styles of gates work best when paired with security cameras.

see through gate for security

Gate security inside out

Gate security is not just about keeping people out, it is also about keeping those inside safe. Young children are prone to being mini escape artists so it’s important that gates are installed correctly and checked regularly for any faults to ensure good levels of safety.

Gates should be installed with a 50mm gap underneath for clearance so the gate can open and close without scraping on the ground. If the gap is any larger it could create a space for a child to crawl through, so make sure you check this.

We recommend having both a lock and a Brenton Bolt (slide bolt) installed at the top of the gate, as if ever the gate is left unlocked in the middle, a child can’t reach that the top bolt to open the gate. It also means you have extra protection for your property if one lock is forgotten.


Extra gate security measures

If the threats are higher to your property, there are other more visual deterrent security measures. Security toppings, like a security comb can be fitted on top of the gate to stop anyone climbing over. Please be aware that you should also fit warning signs on or near the gates to warn of danger.

gate with security topping

We manufacture a range of garden gates that are secure and well built. 

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