Garden gates serve as more than just points of entry; they are portals to your outdoor space and can help convey the feeling or atmosphere you want to achieve as you step into the garden.

Different wooden and metal garden gate designs offer different charm, natural appeal, and style; there is a gate to complement every garden. Whether your garden aesthetic is ‘rustic countryside’ or ‘ultra-modern’ we have a range of garden gates to give your garden the entrance it deserves.

We explore plenty of garden gate ideas in this blog post, to help you choose the best one for your needs and personal style.

Match your fencing and gate

When adding a garden gate to your garden, a large consideration should be how well it will blend and complement other elements, particularly the fence. Usually, they will stand side by side so having them match is one way to create a seamless boundary.

chilham panels gate

Create an archway

Gates don’t always have to be solid structures, and they also don’t have to be made with one object. Utilise planting and other garden structures to create a unique and elegant doorway into or within your outdoor space.

Jacksons Approved Installer creates custom Pergola

Pergolas are often chosen to create garden doors, creating flow between one area of a property and another.

Traditional metal garden gate designs

Metal gates are often used across the countryside and in public gardens to match the theme of a regal house. Take traditional designs and use present technology by opting for estate gates which have a tubular design, for strength and durability. Customise the colour of the gate by applying powder coating which prevents rust and flaking, ensuring a consistent look throughout the years of use.

metal estate gate

Traditional wooden garden gate designs

It wouldn’t be traditional picture-perfect design if it wasn’t a picket garden gate. Pointed pales or rounded to suit personal preference. Ideal for rural or front gardens picket garden gates offer a timeless appearance.

Picket fence gate

A gate for better security

Gates have multiple purposes, but often their main job is to prevent unauthorised entry. Some gates will offer more security than others. Key characteristics to look for are:

  • Vertical pales or boards - these prevent any foot or hand holds
  • Tall gates – choose a gate that is as close to 2 metres high as possible
  • Solid construction – choose a solid design with no gaps between boards or pales. Ensure the gate is well built to deter and deny anyone trying to break through it
  • Fit extra security measures – opt for fitted gate locks and bolts

Find out more on garden gate security.

secure garden gate with digital lock

Contemporary garden gates

Modern garden designs need gates to suit. If you’re looking for this style of gate, look for horizontal lines and semi-solid designs, as these tend to be contemporary in appearance.


Contemporary gates can elevate the overall look of your outdoor space, adding a touch of sophistication and style that complements modern architecture or landscaping. Designs often incorporate minimalist principles, resulting in clean lines and uncluttered silhouettes that create a sense of openness and spaciousness. Our Venetian range of garden gates are one of our most contemporary styles.

A gate for frequent use

Uni or entrance gates often adorn the countryside. Their structure is solid, and the opening mechanisms are made for frequent use. If suited to your property, a rural gate like this is ideal.

Timber uni entrance field gate

Arched garden gates

Arched top gates add a touch of elegance and charm to any garden. The curved design creates a visually pleasing focal point that enhances the overall beauty of the garden landscape. They often complement the natural curves and organic shapes found in gardens, creating a harmonious aesthetic.


When choosing a garden gate, look for gates that have been pressure treated, with a long lifetime guarantee to ensure longevity. Fixings should be stainless steel to ensure their service life is long and won’t fail. We also recommend considering the gate posts, to ensure they are the correct size and width to support the gate throughout its life.

Explore our range of quality timber garden gates

Garden Gates

Common Uses and Placements of Wooden Garden Gates

Where the garden gate will be installed may influence the design of gate you go for.

In a Fence Run

The most prevalent location for a garden gate is within a fencing run. This gate might offer access at the bottom of a garden, or in the case of terraced houses, it could link neighbouring gardens along the rear of the properties.

Horizontal tongue and groove garden gate

Side Gates

Both modern and traditional homes often feature alleys or pathways alongside the property, granting homeowners access to their gardens. To enhance security and safeguard the garden, a side gate is typically installed at the side of the house. These gates commonly feature a two-way locking mechanism, enabling the homeowner to open the gate with a key from the outside, while a latch provides easy access from within.

featherboard garden gate

Front Garden Gates

Front garden gates vary in design and size depending on the garden's layout and location. Rural cottages often use small palisade or picket style fences, Jaktop fencing, or even walls to segment the front garden. Correspondingly, a matching picket or Jaktop gate is commonly employed in such settings. In urban areas, small metal garden gates nestled between walls are more prevalent. Occasionally, a small metal gate may also offer access to a compact driveway. Larger or separate driveways typically feature courtyard or entrance gates instead.

feather edge gate

Segmenting Garden Areas

Whether within a wall in a spacious garden or amidst a run of trellises dividing garden sections, garden gates are essential for accessing segmented areas. For instance, in cases where a driveway occupies part of the garden space, a fence or trellis panels might demarcate the garden from the driveway, necessitating a garden gate for passage between the two areas.

Communal garden gates

In cases where properties share a communal garden space, garden gates serve the dual purpose of granting residents access while also ensuring security and privacy. These gates not only facilitate entry to the shared garden but also help maintain a sense of security and exclusivity for the residents.

Wooden gates